‘Better Call Saul’ Season Two Has A Trailer

Nick Nunziata

Somehow, Better Call Saul somehow exceeded expectations both with audiences and in the ratings and if Breaking Bad is any barometer to judge it by the best is yet to come. AMC has begun amping up the promotions for the second season that begins on February 15th and though there has been a dearth of new footage it’s still great to see these characters onscreen again.


For those who need a refresher on where the first season left off, know this: our leading man is not on the best with his brother Chuck. Things did not go well between them.

Here’s the trailer for the new season:

The second season is not only a few episodes longer than the first, it’s also the one where the show can really stretch its legs and carve out its own identity. It was surprising that the series didn’t get more Golden Globes attention, though Bob Odenkirk stands a good chance of earning a statue for his deft work as a leading man.

Nick Nunziata
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