Bethesda Press Conference LIVE at E3

Matthew Hadick

E3 kicks off  this Sunday in Los Angeles. We’ll be covering the events all this week, including the upcoming Bethesda press conference beginning Sunday, June 12 at 7pm PT / 11pm ET.

Watch the events live, right here, as we detail the latest news and announcements.

7:00pm – Looks like we’re off to a of a late start here. Our commentators are talking about Doom and Fallout to fill time for now. Some info about Far Harbor and Doom’s map making capabilities.

7:06pm – They’re showing off a trailer of the digital version of The Elder Scrolls: Legends. 

7:12pm – We’re still waiting for things to kick off. They’re replaying the Dishonored 2 trailer they showed at last year’s show.

7:17pm – And we’re live!

7:16pm Looks like we’re getting a Quake reboot! Not a bad way to kick off the show. No gameplay is shown, but a dark and gritty CG featurette with a surprising amount of character.

Tim Willits welcomes us to the Bethesda E3 Showcase. “Yes: Quake is back.” He’s speaking to Quake’s lasting legacy and the fact that it’s still played competitively.

Quake Champions is the name of the new title. Quake Champions will be fast; unlocked framerates, running at 120hz. Classic Arena combat. Surprisingly, a diverse cast of warriors — looks like they’re going for a Team Fortress or Overwatch style team shooter.

More on Quake Champions in August at Quakecon.

7:23 —  Pete Hines is enumerating the publisher’s successes over the course of the past year. Fallout 4, Doom, Elder Scrolls Online — you know the drill.

7:24 — Some details regarding Elder Scrolls Legends, complete with the game’s opening cinematic.

7:27 — Two lane battlefield, a full single player campaign, and lots of options for exhibitions. Legends will be coming to PC, iPad, Android, and Mac later this year.

7:29 — Todd Howard! He’s here to talk about all of the great things the Fallout communtiy has created in the wake of Fallout 4. They’re adding a bunch of stuff to Fallout’s crafting system, including the ability create vaults in the Vault-Tec workshop. Seems like a bit of a play on Fallout Shelter.

In August of this year, Nuka Land will bbe released. Seems like it’s the new DLC, but they didn’t specify.

New locations, new enemies, an all-new combat system, and new characters are coming to Fallout Shelter. We’ll also be getting a PC version.

Rumors confirmed! Skyrim is being remade for the Playstation 4. The graphics look breathtaking. Remastered graphics, updated assets, new shaders, textures — this seems like a pretty substantial remaster. It will be coming out on October 28th.

7:33 — A surprise from Arkane studios. A new game, built on their developer’s values. A new IP, it seems, that incorporates a “psychological thrill.”

A character wakes up over and over again, Groundhog Day style, before his world starts glitching out and he starts shooting everything. Mondays, am I right? It seems to be set in a space station. Looks like this is called Prey. I don’t think it’s related to the 2006 video game.

It’s 2032. You’re the key subject of an experiment that’s meant to alter humanity. Now, aliens are hunting you. You dig into your past and the space station to survive. Available next year on Xbox One, PS4 and PC — there will be more info at Quakecon.

7:39 — Updates to the DOOM map builder. New multiplayer modes, as well. Next month — the Unto the Evil DLC will hit stores. It comes with three new maps and a new demon.

7:41 — The first level of DOOM will be available for free through the week.

7:43 — ESO will be coming to Japan. The Dark Brotherhood DLC will be coming out on Tuesday, allowing would-be assassins everywhere to skulk around in the shadows pf Tamriel like cowards.

One Tamriel will allow players to explore Tamriel without any content restrictions. Yep, that means there won’t be a level-cap either. It’s coming this fall.

7:48 — Now we’re talking about BethesdaVR. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about this. VR versions of DOOM and Fallout will be available for HTC Vive next year.

7:52 — Dishonored 2 will be surpassing its predecessor in a number of ways. We’re back in the Empire of the Isles, in an area called Carnaca. The lighting looks incredible. Art and Design teams worked on building a well-realized world with a distinct culture.

Arcane is demonstrating an incredible attention to detail with their demonstration of Dishonored 2.

The game starts and ends in Dunwall, but most of the game takes place in the new city.

We’re looking at some first person footage now. We’re playing as Emily Caldwin, who has assumed her position as the empress. She expresses an interest in “running away from it all”, and her “royal protector”, Corvo, tells her he knows about her nightly escapades throughout the city.

I can’t believe the graphics in this game. Subtle coloring and elegant lighting really put it on another level entirely.

8:01 — We’re getting a look at the Dust district. Everything here is rendered using their proprietary void system, which seems to really enhance the atmosphere.

The gameplay looks like classic Dishonored.

They’re making much more use of vertical space in the sequel. The city of Carnaca seems to be built more upwardly than Dunwall. Random weather events add to the game’s sense of spontaneity.

Skill trees can be customized more deeply. Emily’s “domino” power is shown off; whatever happens to one enemy, will happen to all of them — they “share the same fate.” We also see “shadow walk,” another one of Emily’s powers, which has the player crawling slowly towards an enemy on the ground.

We’re also getting a bit of a Dark World mechanic. Looking through a shard allows the player to see an environment as it looked in the past; you can travel from world to world to bypass certain doors and solve certain puzzles. You can also take out enemies in the past execute assassinations that will have bad guys screaming “ghost!”

8:09 – Dishonored 2 will be coming out on Nov. 11 for PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

Now, we’re watching the official Dishonored 2 gameplay trailer.

8:14 — Bethesda will be releasing a collector’s edition of Dishonored 2 that comes with a ton of extras as well as a copy of Dishonored: Definitive Edition.

 That’s all folks! Stay tune for more. We’ll be back tomorrow with live streams of the Microsoft and Sony press conferences.

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