The Best ‘Steven Universe’ Songs

Amanda Velez
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TV Animated Series

Steven’s Summer Adventures premieres tonight! And that begins an entire Summer of Steven with new episodes every weekday (yeah, you read that right!) until August 12. For those of you who don’t know what the heck I’m talking about, Steven Universe is an extremely popular and beloved animated series on Cartoon Network. It’s about a young boy named Steven and his fellow Crystal Gems who rebelled from their Homeworld and dedicate their lives to guarding Earth and the people on it. The show has a little bit of everything: action, romance, humor, and some catchy tunes, making it hard to decide the best Steven Universe songs ever. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible!

More than thirty Steven Universe songs have been released and each one has pulled at my heartstrings in one way or another. It was super difficult trying to narrow it down to the top ten best, but I gave it my best shot — though I reserve the right to replace any of these with any new additions from the Summer of Steven episodes. Now, let’s begin with…

 10.”Full Disclosure”

Premiered in the episode Full Disclosure. Steven sings about his desire to protect his Dad and his best friend Connie, even if that means shutting her out of his life.

9.”Strong in the Real Way”

Premiered in the episode Coach Steven. Pearl and Steven sing this song about Steven idolizing Sugilite, the super-powered fusion, and the rousing song covers how they have different definitions of strength.

8.”Something Entirely New”

Premiered in the episode The Answer. This song is sung by Ruby and Sapphire after they find themselves stranded on Earth. It’s one of the series more heart-warming love songs, and shows how two gems began a union that would define the series.


Premiered in the episode Story for Steven. This flashback song shows Steven’s father as a young rock star named Mr. Universe, and culminates with Greg’s fateful first meeting with Rose Quartz.

6.”Peace & Love”

Premiered in the episode It Could’ve Been Great. This song is one of Peridot’s first steps to accepting her new life on Earth, as she and Steven compose a cute song together, even if she doesn’t fully understand the purpose of music.

5. “What Can I Do”

Premiered in the episode We Need to Talk. This song was intended to be a duet between Rose Quartz and Greg, but became a fusion song when Rose and Pearl fused into Rainbow Quartz mid-performance. It’s one of the show’s more sultry songs, and establishes the love triangle between Pearl, Rose, and Greg.

4. “Do It For Her”

Premiered in the episode Sworn to the Sword. This song expresses Pearl and Connie’s shared devotion/love to Rose Quartz and Steven (making Steven slightly uncomfortable), all set to an intense sword training montage.

3.”Haven’t You Noticed (I’m a Star)

Premiered in the episode Sadie’s Song. This sugary pop song is performed by both Sadie and Steven multiple times in the episode, meaning something different each time while staying catchy no matter who sings it.

2.”Cookie Cat”

Premiered in the episode Gem Glow. This catchy jingle for a fictional treat is sung by Steven in the first episode and immediately gets stuck in your head, as you’d expect from such a fun song about Steven’s favorite ice cream.

1. “Stronger Than You”

Premiered in the episode Jail Break. As if there was any other choice for the best Steven Universe song. This rousing ballad, sung by hit recording artist Estelle, follows Ruby and Sapphire reunited as Garnet, singing a song about unity as they battle Homeworld enforcer, Jasper. It’s both a stirring anthem and a tribute to the loving family dynamic that the series is known for.

Can any of the season 3 songs for Steven Universe top these 10 tunes? Will we have to update this with more greatest hits? Let’s leave that question hanging for now and we’ll leave you with one of Steven Universe‘s best unfinished songs, “Love Like You.”

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