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The Best Sketch From This Week’s ‘Saturday Night Live’

This week’s episode of SNL, hosted by Casey Affleck with musical guest Chance The Rapper was a mixed bag. There were slightly more misses than hits when it came to the sketches, but the few good ones were pretty great.

The cold open featuring Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, Kate McKinnon as Kellyanne Conway and Beck Bennett playing Vladimir Putin, produced a few laughs. And it was great seeing John Goodman show up to play Trump’s controversial pick for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. But this was definitely one of the weaker cold opens this season.

The music video, “Jingle Barack” was excellent. It featured Kenan Thompson and Chance The Rapper and was a tribute/update to the classic Run DMC Christmas song, “Christmas In Hollis”. In the video Thompson, Chance, Leslie Jones and the surviving members of Run DMC rap about celebrating the last Christmas with President Barack Obama in office and lament the potentially dark future to come. It managed to be funny, bittersweet and ominous at the same time.

Best Sketch Of The Night

But the best sketch to come out of this week’s episode was by far the parody of that famous scene from Love Actually with McKinnon’s always excellent Hillary Clinton showing up to an elector’s door and begging her via cue card to cast her vote for “literally anyone else” than Donald Trump because “bish, he cray” and “he will kill us all”. Watch it below!

That’s it for this week and for the first half of this season. Be sure to check back with us after January 14th for our reaction to the first new episode of 2017, which will be hosted by Felicity Jones with musical guest Sturgill Simpson!

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