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The Best Pop Culture Vines From Movies, TV, and Games

Vine proved that six seconds is all it takes to go viral. This week, Twitter announced that they are shutting down the video-sharing app, which empowered actors, comedians, and a whole slew of creatives to explore their craft in just a few seconds. Vine may be gone, but its legacy will not be forgotten. Hundreds of years from now, may digital archaeologists uncover whatever is left of Vine in the Cloud and ponder over our society’s deeply disturbing/remarkable penchant for memes.

In memoriam, here are 15 of our favorite pop culture Vines from the world of video games, TV, and movies. May they live long and auto-play forever… or at least until the servers get shut down.


When you really start to feel that rhythm game.

Your name isn’t nearly as epic as you think.

TFW Drake catches Pokéfever


A long  lost Wa brother.


No, I am your father.

Ryan Gosling still won’t eat his cereal.

He’s a natural Seeker.

Nobody expects BatDad.

They spared no expense in this Jurassic Park recreation.


Too soon.

Sick burn.


#Olicity 4 eva

I choose YOU!


OK, first a little context. Originally there was this:

Which became even better when it was remixed like this:

Good-bye, Vine. You and all of your pop culture Vines will be missed.

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Therese Bataclan

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