You Won’t Believe This Week’s Hottest ‘Overwatch’ Plays

Nico Faraguna
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Games Overwatch

Greetings and salutations to all you Overwatch fiends out there! Here at Fandom, we wanted to highlight some of the notable Overwatch plays to take place this past week.

Whether the clip is a pro player executing a perfect Deadeye ace or a pub player getting lucky with a posthumous Torbjörn POTG — we got it covered!

The Best Offense is a Pre-emptive Defense

credit: iRocknRolla

Our first clip features Overwatch’s newest hero, Orisa and a calculated Protective Barrier.

This play is just plain nuts. When you first watch it, you’re thinking that this player is tilting by firing their abilities into the sky. However, once the Protective Barrier falls right in front of an Uprising enemy, you realize how skilled this play is.

Also, this clip demonstrates excellent teamwork between Winston and Orisa. Winston uses Jump Pack to position himself behind the enemy, exposing their vulnerable backside. This strategy makes it very easy for Orisa to clean up.

Roadhog Qualifies for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

credit: chocolatequake

Who knew Roadhog was so agile? Watching him cartwheel into oblivion is pretty dang funny.

It’s a no-brainer that this player didn’t look both ways before crossing the street on Oasis. However, this blunder made for a spectacular and elegant death.

For me, the added bonus of McCree taunting made it that more special.


credit: Beeneh

The wombo-combo is very real in this snippet. In an overtime segment of a game on King’s Row, this Zarya player makes a desperate attempt to salvage the match.

With pinpoint aim, Zarya makes a blind attempt by lobbing her Graviton Surge towards the first capture point. As she’s about to turn the corner, it becomes apparent that an allied Genji with Dragonblade was there to clean up Zarya’s perfectly-placed ultimate.

I’m curious if this was coordinated with the Genji or if both of these players got a little bit lucky. Regardless, this clip is bonkers.

Give em’ the ol’ Razzle Dazzle

credit: EasyDoesIt94

As a support player myself, I absolutely love this clip.

Being a battle Mercy has its drawbacks. Like dying most of the time. However, this player employs a neat trick involving elevation change and a blind corner.

Mercy knows she’s being chased by Reaper and makes a bold attempt to juke the crap out of him.

After turning the corner, Mercy makes an educated guess as to when the Reaper will appear and perfectly times her jump to land on top of his head while avoiding detection. The Reaper never sees Mercy, and assumes she’s just that fast! It’s an awesome all-or-nothing clip that will probably fail 9/10 times.

Just Another Day at the O.K. Corral

credit: Docta_Tiddells

There’s something very poetic about this clip—it almost looks like it’s staged. The way the Orisa enters in the center of the capture point and aims her Halt! ability right down the middle… It’s almost cathartic! Sadly, for the other team, this took part in a competitive match and sealed their fate as the losers.

This might sound a bit ignorant, but this play didn’t really take that much skill. As the Orisa player walked to the cap, the enemy team was practically asking for themselves to be featured in a POTG. Yet, you can’t really blame them, either—it was overtime and they’re just trying to keep the game alive by standing on the objective. Unfortunately, they were standing a bit too close together and the perfectly placed “Halt!” put the opposition in a hole. Both literally and figuratively.

Well folks, that just about does it for this week’s debut edition of ‘Best Overwatch Plays’. Hope you enjoyed the skillz, luck, and lawls.

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