Best News Ever: A ‘Whitest Kids U’ Know’ Movie Is Happening

Drew Dietsch
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The Whitest Kids U’ Know is one of the greatest sketch comedy groups of all time. They managed to be irreverent, offensive, educational, dark, and fearless in a time when sketch comedy was fairly safe. It’s not hyperbolic to put them in the same league as Monty Python’s Flying CircusThe Kids in the HallMr. ShowChappelle’s ShowSCTVKey & PeelePortlandia, Upright Citizens Brigade, and pretty much any sketch group you can name. They are that amazing.

The members have mostly gone their separate ways back when their show ended in 2011, but it looks like things have been coming together in recent years. Trevor Moore, the frontman of the group, posted this picture to his Instagram and..,

Finished the WKUK movie script. It’s ok.

A photo posted by Trevor Moore (@itrevormoore) on

YES. YES. And by the way, YES. A Whitest Kids U’ Know movie had been mentioned by Moore back in 2012 but must of us figured that project had dissipated. How wonderful it is to be wrong. With the script finished, it looks like we’ll finally be getting a cinematic outing with these crazy bastards.

But, what exactly will a WKUK movie entail? The show was a rare bird in the sketch comedy field in that it never really relied on recurring characters a whole bunch. Will the cast be playing themselves? That happened a lot in the show. Or will they be playing a multitude of characters like The Kids in the Hall did when they made their (underappreciated) film, Brain Candy?

No matter what, I’ll be seeing this as soon as it comes out. WKUK is a little niche so this might not get a theatrical release. If it does, I’ll be there opening day. If it doesn’t, I’ll still be there opening day and everyone will stare at me. It wouldn’t be the first time.

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