Last week, Nintendo hosted a big, 3DS-focused Nintendo Direct. They announced some new games, some ports of hit Wii U titles, and offered new details for games as far off as early 2017. Additionally, the company surprise-launched some of the best new 3DS StreetPass games in some time.

StreetPass is one of the best (if underused) social features of the 3DS, allowing owners of the handheld to pass information to other users quickly. There have been some great minigames in the Mii Plaza that use StreetPass, but this is the first real addition of games since more than a year ago. Now, after playing the fresh downloads for days at PAX West 2016, let’s rank the five new titles from worst to best. Here are the best new 3DS StreetPass games.

5. Mii Trek

Best New 3DS StreetPass games

Even the worst StreetPass game of 2016 is still lots of fun. Mii Trek makes novel use of step counts to send you and up to tend StreetPass friends on a trip through the jungle searching for crystal skulls and fighting alligators. Mii Trek‘s journeys are fun, but get repetitive quick, and you’re really in trouble if you have the bad luck of StreetPassing folks who didn’t walk all that much today. Also, Henry the Toucan is an exceptional assistant, but he doesn’t have as colorful a personality as the sidekicks in the other games.

4. Slot Car Rivals

Best New 3DS StreetPass games

Slot Car Rivals should be more fun than it is. Based on the real-life hobby, this minigame takes all the pressure out of racing games. No steering necessary, just push or pull back on the gas to race your slot car against all the StreetPass folks you tagged. Unfortunately, the timing of the game feels a tad unforgiving, particularly in the tense turns. After dozens of races, I just can’t get in the groove with Slot Car Rivals. Despite starting off fun, it’s one of the last I play when I get new folks in my plaza.

3. Ninja Launcher

Best New 3DS StreetPass games

This is StreetPass’ Angry Birds, but with a decidedly Japanese spin. Ninja Launcher strips your Mii down to their underpants and drops them in a cannon. The Mii is blasted like a rocket at a demon, but first, you have to position kites in the Mii’s trajectory to collect items he can use to combat the hellspawn. It’s such a cute, whacky premise that even if sometimes it can be hard judging the accuracy, you’re always in for a good chuckle when your nearly-nude Mii takes to the skies.

2. Feed Mii

Best New 3DS StreetPass games

Find Mii was the first minigame that introduced folks to the fun of StreetPass back in 2011. Feed Mii is a sorta-spinoff, sorta-sequel that recasts the dungeon crawler as a pleasant cooking challenge. When up to ten adventurers arrive after a long day of exploring, you do your best to cook the meal they want with the ingredients provided, and you get bonuses for creativity. Don’t just use the meat when they ask for roast beef. Season it with some salt, onions, and mushrooms for a more refined treat. Feed Mii‘s sense of discovery gives it an edge over almost all the other new StreetPass games.

1. Market Crashers

Best New 3DS StreetPass games

Who’d think something as boring and grown up as the stock market could be as compelling as the best new 3DS StreetPass game? Market Crashers is developed by the same folks as Battleground Z, and it has similarly twitchy action. Only now you’re trading stocks instead of hacking the undead. Buying low and selling high is the name of the game, and you have to make swift choices if you’re ever going to get rich. Watching the graph quickly go up and down makes for fast, intense gameplay every time you boot up Market Crashers. The ease of understanding, quick playtime, and intense action is why this has easily become my first stop in the StreetPass Plaza.

If you’re still the type who takes their 3DS everywhere you go, all of these StreetPass games are worth the $9 asking price of the full bundle. Grab it for yourself and get back into Nintendo’s social groove.