The Best Hockey Films Of All Time


The World Cup of Hockey is making its return for the first time since 2004. With the exhibition games in the past we’re on to the real deal now. Not long after, the 2016-2017 NHL season begins. With a fast paced game such as hockey, fans are left tense throughout 60-minute games. As with many sports, there are several films based on the good old hockey game. What follows is the best of the bunch.

Generally, these films aren’t expected to be big box office hits or win Oscars. They are generally made to define great moments or just give fans of the game a great time. With these films, you can enjoy hockey without drowning yourself with a 6 pack on a weeknight.

Honorable Mentions

Before diving into the top films, here are some honorable mentions:



Goon is one of the most recent hockey flicks. The film follows Doug Glatt, a bouncer who finds himself on a hockey team after an altercation with a player during a game. Doug eventually moves on to a minor team to serve as a goon to protect a top prospect. While Doug Glatt may serve as the tough guy of his team, outside of hockey, he’s one of the softest men alive. The film is riddled with cheesy but tolerable humor. Goon focuses on the aspect of the game which isn’t too respected. This film should be kept away from the children.

The Rocket


Revolving around the incredibly true story of Maurice RichardThe Rocket is a hockey film you can’t miss. The film begins his journey in his youthful working-class days, up until his career with the Montreal Canadiens. Throughout his journey, Richard encountered many obstacles, including being targeted by many. That never stopped Richard from pushing himself and breaking the record for most goals (44) scored in a single season. A majority of the film is spoken in French, though there are English subtitles which aren’t too distracting.



The most iconic story in hockey…period. Not just the film, but the story behind it. In those days, NHL level players weren’t allowed to compete in the Olympics. USA’s team was comprised of collegiate players. The Soviets, on the other hand, were a stacked, talented, older and more experienced team. The Soviets back then dominated hockey, boasting a 27-1-1 record and four gold medals since the 1964 Olympics. The U.S.A. overcame all odds and defeated the Soviets and went on to take home the gold during the 1980 Olympics. The story is just too remarkable. You need to see it for yourself.

Slap Shot


What else is there to say? Slap Shot is a cult classic which can’t be missed. The film defined hockey during the era it was released in. Back in those days, hockey was in an era of enforcers, no thanks to the Philadelphia Flyers, aka the Broad Street Bullies. Slap Shot boasts an absurd amount of profanity, humor, and violence, making the entire film an endless riot. As big of a hit Slap Shot is today, it wasn’t too well received back in the day, especially from critics. What made Slap Shot one of the best sports comedies, ever was that it didn’t try too hard. Unfortunately, Slap Shot spawned two terrible sequels which did try too hard. As with Goon, this needs to be kept away from the kids…miles away.

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