Best Game of ESL One, Day 4

Another round of amazing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive came to a close today with the end of ESL One Cologne’s group stages. Our Best Game of ESL One for day 4 goes to the thrilling set of matches between SK Gaming and Flipsid3 Tactics. Check out the videos below.

Flipsid3 struggled against SK in the Best of 3 Quarter final, giving SK a massive lead in the first game.

Perhaps knowing how close they were to going home, Flipsid3 picked up the pace in game two, going 6-1 quickly against SK. FalleN put in an amazing round with an AWP, taking out two players with seconds on the bomb clock. Matches repeatedly came down to time, with both teams taking extreme risks. The game would eventually go to 15-14 in SK’s favor, putting Flipsid3 in a do-or-die scenario. Thanks to wayLander’s flank, Flipsid3 were able to tie it up and put the game into overtime.

With a final overtime match of 18-17, SK took the win over Flipsid3 in what is easily the closest game at ESL One yet. The playoffs continue tomorrow, so be sure to catch the next Best Game of ESL One with us on

ESL One Cologne ‘CS:GO’ Stream Is Live


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