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Best Game of ESL One Cologne, Day 5

The ESL One playoffs have come to an end with some amazing games. Virtus.Pro and SK Gaming faced off today, as did Team Liquid and Fnatic. All of the sets are stunning showcases on top-tier Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but the Best Game of ESL One Cologne, Day 5, has to go to the first match between SK Gaming and Virtus.Pro.  SK’s Fallen carried the team time and again, keeping it a close game with rounds going back and forth between teams. At 14-15 in SK’s favor, NEO from VP takes out the remaining SK players to push the game into overtime. Virtus climbed back into the lead, but again, at 16-15, SK takes the win to go into yet another round of overtime. In what is probably the best game of the tournament so far, the final game went to, well, you can watch right here…

It was a great match that went to Virtus, but SK would go on to finish them off in the following games. The finals kick off tomorrow, and you can watch them live, right here.

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Jorge Albor
Jorge Albor

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