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Best Game of ESL One Cologne, Day 3

It’s been a wild day 3 in Cologne as the Top 8 takes shape for the world’s best Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams. Today’s matches have all been best-of-3 and there have been some nail biters!

Today’s Best Game of ESL One Cologne has to be the game 3 between Flipsid3.tactics and Ninjas in Pajamas. The heavily favored all-Swedish NiP team have been slumping as of late — would they be able to knockout Flipsid3 and advance to the next round? Read the match summary or watch the full Video on Demand below.

Match Summary

After eking out a respectable 6-1 lead as Terrorists, Flipsid3.tactics started to falter on Mirage and let Ninjas in Pajamas crawl back to tie them 7-7.

To close out the first half of the map, a clutch play occurred when Flipsid3’s Yegor “markeloff” Markelov saved the match after two NiP members tried to defuse the bomb and were one second away from doing so until markeloff fragged them, ending the first half 8-7 Flipsid3.

The second half of the deciding map was just as tense, however the score did not do the quality of games justice. Never having more than a four game lead, the matches were nail biters often ending with clutch frags, defuses and plants.

The clinching round had the casters in a tizzy with Flipsid3 pulling off the upset as they defused the bomb plant to secure themselves a slot for the next round!

We’ll be back tomorrow with another game of the day, so stay tuned to and check the previous days’ best matches below.

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