Best Game of ESL One Cologne, Day 3

Nico Faraguna

It’s been a wild day 3 in Cologne as the Top 8 takes shape for the world’s best Counter Strike: Global Offensive teams. Today’s matches have all been best-of-3 and there have been some nail biters!

Today’s Best Game of ESL One Cologne has to be the game 3 between Flipsid3.tactics and Ninjas in Pajamas. The heavily favored all-Swedish NiP team have been slumping as of late — would they be able to knockout Flipsid3 and advance to the next round? Read the match summary or watch the full Video on Demand below.

Match Summary

After eking out a respectable 6-1 lead as Terrorists, Flipsid3.tactics started to falter on Mirage and let Ninjas in Pajamas crawl back to tie them 7-7.

To close out the first half of the map, a clutch play occurred when Flipsid3’s Yegor “markeloff” Markelov saved the match after two NiP members tried to defuse┬áthe bomb and were one second away from doing so until markeloff fragged them, ending the first half 8-7 Flipsid3.

The second half of the deciding map was just as tense, however the score did not do the quality of games justice. Never having more than a four game lead, the matches were nail biters often ending with clutch frags, defuses and plants.

The clinching round had the casters in a tizzy with Flipsid3 pulling off the upset as they defused the bomb plant to secure themselves a slot for the next round!

We’ll be back tomorrow with another game of the day, so stay tuned to and check the previous days’ best matches below.

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