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Year after year, San Diego Comic-Con is the geekiest collective of people on Earth, with hundreds of thousands of people heading to Southern California to celebrate the nerdy things they obsess over. And that is exactly why we love it. But beyond the panels and the trailers and the news, there’s all the stuff you can buy! Countless retailers will be there, many of them bringing Comic-Con exclusives i.e. special geeky goods that you can only get at San Diego Comic-Con.

As 2016’s Comic-Con International approaches, Fandom is going to be highlighting some of the best exclusives SDCC retailers have to offer. Let’s start with some of the most eye-catching, wallet-emptying toys that’ll be there.

Hasbro’s Mega-Booth of Exclusives

Toy Exclusives SDCC 2016 Transformers iPad

In case you didn’t know, Comic-Con exclusives begin and end with Hasbro, the toymaker famous for attracting the biggest crowds pushing and shoving their way to get toys you’ll never find anywhere else. Whether you love G.I. Joe, Marvel, Transformers, and My Little Pony, you will find something of interest at the Hasbro booth, which also means that a large swath of fans will want to line up for Hasbro’s goods. Most interesting this year has to be the ingenious Transformer that sees Soundwave reimagined as a tablet.

Mattel’s Super-Cars

Toys SDCC exclusives Wonder Woman plane

Not to be outdone by its toy rival, Mattel is bringing a diverse set of exclusives too, with toys representing Star Trek, Ninja Turtles, Halo, DC, and Marvel Comics. But the real standout of Mattel’s booth are the multiple special Hot Wheels cars. Suicide Squad, Batman, Daredevil, Punisher, and Mr. Spock all have their own vehicle, and the best of them all is the loving recreation of Wonder Woman‘s Invisible Jet.

Super 7’s He-Man Merch

Toy Exclusives SDCC Super 7

Even though He-Man and the Masters of the Universe are represented at the Mattel booth, the franchise’s best exclusive is elsewhere at Comic-Con. Toymaker Super 7 is back with its mashup figures of He-Man and M.U.S.C.L.E. figurines. It’s a lovely set to satisfy children of the 1980s, and it’s accompanied by some great He-Man t-shirts as well.

Toys “R” Us Teen Titans Cosplay

Toys SDCC Exclusives Toys R Us Teen Titans

SDCC exclusives have gotten so lucrative that even big retailers like Toys “R” Us have gotten in on it. You’ll find great new figures based on Ninja Turtles, Ghostbusters, Power Rangers, and Star Wars, but the cutest exclusives feature the Teen Titans. A trio of specialty Funko Pop pieces features teen heroes Starfire, Raven, and Robin all cosplaying as the adult heroes of the Justice League. It’s enough to make you say, “Aw.”

Bandai’s Power Rangers

Toys Exclusive SDCC 2016 Bandia

Bandai is one of the biggest toy manufacturers in Japan and America, and the company always makes sure to bring some great exclusives to Comic-Con. Their 2016 lineup includes high-level cosplay accessories of items ripped straight off the screen from Sailor Moon and Power Rangers, as well as a great Naruto figure. But it looks like you’ve got to get there pretty early to get all the Mighty Morphin replicas.

Henry Gilbert
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