Best-Developed Characters of ‘DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’

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The CW’s Arrowverse features a wide range of characters. And, whether for better or worse, many of these characters develop and grow to become well-rounded, nuanced people that audiences fall in love with. Here are some of the best-developed characters on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Jefferson Jackson

Jefferson was first introduced as Ronnie Raymond‘s replacement as the other half of Firestorm. Due to the particle accelerator explosion, Jefferson was left with a broken knee and felt depressed that his hard work had gone to waste. He eventually found his calling as Firestorm and joined the Legends.

Initially, he could sometimes act arrogant, but after Stein’s kidnapping, he quickly matured, and it didn’t take long for Jefferson to start making rational decisions. When Amaya tried to save a slave from being whipped, Jefferson stopped her out of concern that it would make a massive change to the timeline. Despite being in a time of slavery, Jefferson didn’t let his emotions get the better of him. He soon realized that slavery was the real aberration (alteration in time) and he set the slaves at the plantation free.

From a mechanic who was depressed due to losing everything he had, Jefferson has grown into an asset to the Legends team. While serving as field support, he also serves as The Waverider‘s mechanic. And while he sometimes needs the voice of reason, he has become a voice of reason within the team as well.

Martin Stein

Due to his traveling back in time, Martin Stein met his younger self. These encounters helped him realize how selfish he was in his youth and notice how he once cared about his job more than his wife. Despite how well his marriage is now, he wanted to appreciate the love of his life more. So, once he gave his younger self the advice, he created a daughter that didn’t originally exist.

Martin Stein has always been the brains behind the team. However, like most people, he has made some bad decisions along the way. When he inadvertently changed the timeline and created his daughter, he kept quiet about it. Despite their team’s mission to reset aberrations, he refused to lose his daughter. Lucky for him, his daughter didn’t have a big effect on the timeline and was ultimately spared from being erased.

Regardless, Stein learned from his past mistakes in his younger days and made efforts to change. Although he affected the timeline, he made sure he didn’t put too much focus on his work, and more on his relationship. And while his timeline didn’t actually raise his daughter, he’s gaining memories of days he never lived through while being a father.

Mick Rory


Mick has gone through significant development since his introduction. He began his career with Leonard Snart, but after a heist, they went their separate ways. The two later joined forces again. Since his younger days, Mick has been hot-headed and brutish. Even when joining the Legends, he never really found his place, only joining because of Snart. When he was disappointed to learn that Snart betrayed his own morals, Mick eventually betrayed his team. After being knocked out and abandoned, he spent several lifetimes training to be Chronos, a temporal bounty hunter. Mick was later unmasked and regained the team’s trust to complete their mission on taking down Vandal Savage.

Mick’s development initiated when he met his younger self, telling him to be better than he is. After Leonard’s sacrifice, Mick returned to his life of crime. However, he was reminded of their mission and Mick rejoined the others to finish the mission. Due to his friend’s sacrifice, he had reason to develop into someone better but stayed true to himself. As Amaya joined the team, she provided a new voice of reason, noting that deep down he isn’t really the criminal he claims to be. Even when he began hallucinating his late friend, he refused to abandon the team.

Mick had undergone development as his partner did. However, Mick remained recognizable, unlike Leonard Snart who developed into almost an entirely different character. Furthermore, his criminal antics have shown to be useful to the team in many scenarios, as proven in the recent episode “The Chicago Way“.

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