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The Best Dark Zone Moments and Memes from ‘The Division’

Since its release a few weeks back, Tom Clancy’s The Division has taken the gaming world by storm with its frantic firefights and detailed world. Players roam around the ruins of Manhattan, teaming up with other agents, fighting rival factions, and restoring order for the desperate civilization population. Besides action-packed story missions and a variety of side missions and encounters to finish, players can also test their luck by entering the most deadly area of them all – The Dark Zone.

The Dark Zone is where the game really shines. The area’s abundance of great loot and potential player-vs-player firefights lead to some tense moments. Whether you’re a low level player checking out the zone for the first time or a max level player who continues to be on the lookout for better gear, the Dark Zone is a place you’ll need to constantly look behind your shoulder. We’ve compiled some of the most entertaining moments from the Dark Zone since the game’s release.

Spending Time in the Dark Zone

Most firefights that break out are surprisingly even, usually between a group of rogues and a group of friendly agents.

And other times, players become deadly opportunists:


You need to be prepared for anything when you enter The Dark Zone.

And there are few moments better than catching up with the rogue who stole your gear and taking what’s yours.

As a bonus, here are some of the best memes we’ve seen about The Division so far.

How we felt when we first saw footage of the Dark Zone.

I didn't want friends anyway, but I sure do love loot

How we felt right before launch.

How I picture my friends and I at work now that we have over a month until release.

Decisions, decisions.

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A typical standoff in the Dark Zone.

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And the ultimate version.

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We regret nothing.

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