The Best and Worst British Christmas Adverts of 2016

Kitty Bates

Every year, businesses compete to create the best Christmas adverts, and everyone from John Lewis to the smallest of companies vies for the all-important consumer dollar. Here is a definitive list of the best Christmas commercials on British TV for 2016.

10. Aldi

Although some people absolutely love this Christmas advert, I find it as bad as a horror movie. The carrot grates himself on a cheese grater, before seeing his friends dead, cooked and struggling to breathe, and nearly gets eaten at the end. That’s my idea of a horror movie! The rest of the commercial is good though and it’s clever re-telling of Twas the Night Before Christmas

9. BBC One

This Christmas advert is a celebration of everyone, but it has no real message and is not related to the BBC at all. In an attempt to focus on diversity, the BBC missed a lot of important things to do with Christmas, like Christmas itself.

8. TK Maxx

Apart from TK Maxx’s mildly amusing acapella “song”, there is nothing good about this advert. The over-dramatisation of the song makes it more of a cringe-fest than actually funny. The singing reminds you of when your drunk Great-Uncle Bob decides to do karaoke on the table after dinner, much to the displeasure of everyone else.

7. John Lewis

This may be slightly controversial but I can’t stand this John Lewis Christmas advert. Normally their commercials are amazing with a delightful message and a decent image. This year, it was pants, the song flopped, and no one talks about it. Enough said.

6. Macy’s

This Christmas advert shows the Macy’s parade and over time, the Santa balloon says hello to a little boy who grows up. Eventually, the balloon flies into a nursing home to say goodbye to the man. The only slight flaw is that in reality, the balloon would have popped or aged and been replaced. Otherwise, this ad is adorable.

5. Allegro

This one made me cry. The Allegro Christmas advert shows how an old man learns English so he can meet his granddaughter and speak with her. Highlighting the message of Christmas, about families getting together and being as one, what could be better for everyone to see at this special time of year?

4. Heathrow

This advert is the one that made me cry the most, with the story of the two elderly teddy bears travelling home for Christmas who find their family at the end and then turn into humans. The joy on the faces of the children is adorable, with a similar style to the start and end of Love Actually. This ad is at number four because they are not actually advertising anything.

3. Harrods

By the time I got to number three, I couldn’t decide which was my favourite, so these are just equal, I love them all the same. The Harrods one is so simple, telling the story of a little teddy bear that saves Christmas for everyone. Harrods, one of the most famous and luxurious department stores in the world, created this cute and British story and it is truly adorable.

2. Sainsbury’s

Despite this advert being one of the longest, the story of a man who tries to balance work and family, and ends up making robots to cover his absences. With a heartwarming message about how “The greatest gift I can give is me” sung by the world’s favourite person, James Corden, and using stop-motion animation, the commercial is a beautiful reminder of what Christmas is really about.

1. Marks and Spencers

Marks and Spencers have truly outdone themselves this year with a tear-jerking, heartwarming ad. This is a John Lewis standard advert and is my personal favourite of the whole year. It makes me cry every time and shows that even if we hate our siblings/family members at Christmas, we can still show our love and appreciation. I love this Christmas advert the best!

Kitty Bates
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