Best Bets in Steam Summer Sale 2017

Nico Faraguna

Time to draw your blinds, turn off your phone, and put on your favorite pajamas. The Steam Summer Sale is live and wallets everywhere are trembling.

This year’s sale will feature a sticker book of sorts that is accompanied by “quests.” Once you complete a quest, you will be rewarded with a pack of stickers for to place on a page in your sticker book.

Unsure what to purchase? Here are some deals that we think are too good to pass up!

Popular Titles On Sale

Football Manager 2017 66% off
Tyranny 50% off
Call of Duty up to 50% off on select titles
Final Fantasy up to 50% off on select titles
Abzû 70% off
Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series 33% off
Hyper Light Drifter 50% off
SUPERHOT 40% off
Ghost Recon: Wildlands 33% off
Mafia III 63% off
Hollow Knight 34% off
Shadow of Mordor 80% off

What To Buy

Football Manager 2017

This is the first time that Football Manager 2017 has been this cheap. The game is surprisingly popular on Steam – however, it may not be for everyone. If you’re thinking about getting into an in-depth sports simulation, this is a swell opportunity.


If you fancy yourself a beautiful, story-driven RPG to play this summer break, look no further. Tyranny is a game that adapts to player’s choices often, making the experience personal. While the game is not multiplayer, those who are fans of the genre should definitely pick it up. This game has never been priced this low, so act quickly!

Mafia III

mafia III game image

Ok, we all know that this game was a bit of a letdown for some players. But, this game is still fairly solid and for such a low price, it seems reasonable to give it a whirl and form your own opinion. It has been steadily dropping in price, but even this price might be hard to find for awhile.

Final Fantasy

Perhaps this isn’t the sexiest deal, yet there are a ton of Final Fantasy titles that are 50% off that definitely deserve some of your attention. If you’re considering replaying some of the classic Final Fantasy titles on your PC, this is an awesome opportunity that will not break the bank.

Once you’ve collected all the stickers for a specific page, that page will become unlocked and you can choose to display it on your steam profile. Sticker packs expire along with the sale on July 5th at 10 am PST, so get started now!

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