Ben Affleck Won’t Direct ‘The Batman’

Drew Dietsch
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The Batman has been a light at the end of the tunnel for a lot of DC fans. Even some staunch critics of Batman v Superman admitted that Ben Affleck had a great opportunity to do the Caped Crusader justice. He was tapped to produce and direct the new standalone Batman movie and fans were ecstatic. Well, things may have taken a telling turn for the worst.

Affleck has announced that he will not direct The Batman. His reasoning – as far as a public statement – is that he wants to do the best job he can and the pressures of directing won’t allow him to do that. That’s an understandable sentiment. Directing a picture is incredibly stressful and all the praise or blame will fall on that person’s shoulders. Is it possible that Affleck doesn’t want that kind of responsibility? Or does he see the road the DC Extended Universe is headed down and is attempting to lessen his involvement in the fallout?

I posited that Affleck might abandon the film and this seems to confirm some of that unease. No one is jumping for joy at the way Warner Bros. has been handling their DC movies. And with little hype behind Wonder Woman and Justice League, the worm might be turning and Affleck is preparing an exit strategy. Plus, his last directorial effort for Warner Bros., Live By Night, is going to be a big loss for the studio. His clout might be drying up a bit.

Even if that isn’t this case, this is a bummer. Affleck is an accomplished director and a genuine fan of these characters and their world. Here’s hoping he can still do his part to give fans and general audiences a Batman film that can stand on its own. I’ll still hold out hope for this one.

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