‘Beauty and the Beast’ Gets A Gorgeous Poster

Disney’s next big remake is a new version of 1991’s enormous hit, Beauty and the Beast. We’ve seen the first teaser trailer but now we have the first teaser poster to go along with it. Take a gander at this unbelievably beautiful piece of art:


The iconic rose and its glass case are great imagery to hang a poster on, and the background detail of the castle looks appropriately Gothic and foreboding. I’m a sucker for good poster art (since we don’t get enough of it) and this is definitely a winner in my book. Unfortunately, it’s usually the case that the teaser poster is a knockout and the later posters become more and more generic.

I also like that the marketing (at least, up to this point) is avoiding showing off the Beast. That’s a classic movie monster tactic that I hope will stay present up until the film’s release. I doubt that will be the case but at this juncture, it’s still nice not knowing what lies ahead.

Disney has been going full steam(boat Willie) ahead with remakes of their classic films, and it seems like the remakes that don’t deviate far from the original are the ones that receive the best critical reception. Beauty and the Beast looks like it’s going to continue that trend so let’s hope that’s an indicator of its quality. Having Emma Watson and Dan Stevens in the lead roles gives me a lot of hope. My big question: are they going to make this one a musical? The songs from the original are as memorable as they come, and it’d be a shame to see them relegated to background music.

We’ll see if the film is as transfixing as this teaser poster when it releases March 17 next year. I’ll try to get “Be Our Guest” and “Gaston” out of my head before then.

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