‘Battlestar Galactica’ Cast Reunites at Comic-Con

Brian Linder
TV Comic-Con
TV Comic-Con

It’s been eight years since the 2000s revival of Battlestar Galactica came to a close, but it still stands as one of the best sci-fi TV shows ever. On Thursday, the creators and members of the cast reunited at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about some of the biggest moments from the epic sci-fi series, to tell jokes, and to remember a late castmate.

Creator Ron Moore and executive producer David Eick were joined on the Ballroom 20 stage by Tricia Helfer (Number Six), Marcy McDonnell (Laura Roslin), Grace Park (Boomer), Michael Trucco (Anders), and Aaron Douglas (Chief).

A new BSG marathon is coming.

The panel kicked off with a sizzle reel of Battlestar Galactica references from popular culture and an announcement that there’s a Battlestar Galactica marathon coming up in September on Syfy.

Ron Moore REALLY WAS just making it up as he went along.

Ron Moore on the set of BSG.

During the show’s run, Ron Moore was occasionally hit with online allegations of “making it up as he went along.” And he was!

Moore says, “There were so many things about the show that we had to discover along the way. You learn things about the show as you’re doing [it]. Sometimes the mythology would get a little tangled in knots. But I’m perfectly willing to accept those kinds of flaws, because of the quality of the show we created.”

Tricia Helfer had to be careful how she walked.

Tricia Helfer in 'Battlestar Galactica'

Tricia Helfer faced the unique challenge of playing multiple versions of her character, Six. And although she was a newbie actress at the time, she pulled it off skillfully. But the one thing she struggled with was her walk.

“One of the things I had to keep in mind was may walk,” she said. “I’d catch myself walking like a model and think, ‘No! You’re a worker, Six. You need to walk with purpose!'”

Richard Hatch built a bridge between the old fans and the new.

richard hatch bsg battlestar galactica feature hero

While the show would grow to become one of the most popular sci-fi series ever, fans of the OG BSG series weren’t initially thrilled. Then Richard Hatch, star of the original, came along. Prior to the release of the BSG miniseries, Ron Moore was showcasing a convention reel where he was booed by the audience. Hatch came to his rescue.

“Richard stood up and defended me,” Moore said. “This isn’t right, it’s not what I would do to the show, but Ron has a vision and we have to respect that.”

The panel wrapped with a special tribute to Hatch who passed away in February.

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