‘Battleborn’ Adds First DLC Character, Teases the Second

Good news for fans of the shooter/MOBA mash-up Battleborn: Alani, the first of five promised post-launch heroes, is now available to play — that is, if you purchased the Digital Deluxe edition or a Season Pass, or if you played in the PS4 open beta.  The rest of the Battleborn community won’t get access to Alani until May 31, but in every case Alani is free to all players.

Alani is a water-wielding warrior-monk from the Eldrid faction who slots into the healer role. For a closer look at Alani’s skills and capabilities, check out this Skills Overview created by developer 2K:

2K also previewed the next DLC character, Pendles, who’s a sneaker-loving anthropomorphized snake assassin. In case you’re having trouble visualizing that insanity, here’s some concept art to help you out:

Battleborn_Pendles_Concept Art

You’re thinking it, so I’m going to say it: Battleborn‘s cast of heroes is straight-up weird. But that’s absolutely part of the game’s appeal.

Battleborn is currently running a one-week sale that knocks $20 off the price — so if you’ve been on the fence, now’s a good time to buy. And once you start playing Battleborn, be sure to check out Fandom’s character recommendations for every play style and the Super Walkthrough guide on the Battleborn wiki.

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