Battle of the Fantasy Foods 2016: Round 3

The results are in! Round 2 of Wikia’s Battle of the Fantasy Foods has officially ended, and only 16 contenders remain. Voting for Round 3 has begun — did your fandom’s fantasy food make the cut? Think we should make a real-life version of it and serve it at New York Comic-Con? Cool. We think so too.

Because we like you so much, we profiled some of the winning foods that are moving onto the third round. Don’t see your fantasy food? They might still be in the running! Check out the rest of the contenders on the Recipes Wiki and VOTE.

Calzones (We Bare Bears)

We Bare Bears is Cartoon Network’s first animated series based on a comic by Daniel Chong. We encounter calzones in “Food Truck” where the bears, disillusioned with artisanal Ramen Tacos, try their hand at the food industry. They find that the tasty folded pizzas are loved by humans and animals alike.

Rig Juice (Regular Show)

While the actual ingredients listed in Regular Show‘s Rig Juice leave a lot to be desired (is arsenic organic?), we like the idea behind it. A brightly-colored drink that dumbs us down and makes it easier to relate to the rest of humanity? Sounds like a Friday night. Sign us up.

Pawpsicles (Zootopia)

Ahh, the long con. This scene from Disney’s Zootopia should be familiar to anyone who’s ever worked retail: You source cheap products (in this case, a Jumbo-Pop), repackage them (into Pawpsicles), jack up the price, and sell them to any sucker who’ll buy (gerbils dressed like businessmen, naturally).

Chinese Food Shaped Like a Swan (Archer)

Archer, that animated pastiche of retro spy movies, rounds out our list of foods. The team frequents a Chinese Restaurant that places their leftovers inside tinfoil swan sculptures. It was the classier way of packaging leftovers during a classier point in time. And what are Archer fans, if not classy?

Think your fandom’s fantasy food can take the crown? GO VOTE.

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