Battle of the Fantasy Foods 2016: Round 5

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We’re in Round 5, aka the semifinals, of the Battle of the Fantasy Foods, and four foods remain standing…which means all these fictional foods are getting the non-fictional treatment at our New York Comic-Con food truck this October. Yes, you can have your (yoyle)cake and eat it too. But before you put your sweet tooth to good use and decide if you’re a cake, popsicle, cola, or waffle person (or let’s be real, all of the above), keep on voting to see which food will take the crown.

Here are your final four:

Battle for Dream Island Yoylecake VS. Zootopia Pawpsicles

Yoylecake, made from yoyleberries in Yoyleland.
Pawpsicle creation is hard work. 

Side effects of yoylecake are turning its consumer into a metal, while pawpsicles are sure to induce major brain freeze. Still, both are delicious and worth the risk.

Gravity Falls Pitt Cola VS. Steven Universe Together Breakfast

Behold, the wonder of Together Breakfast.

Would you rather take a swig of cola (watch out for the pit) or dig into a whipped cream and popcorn adorned stack of waffles?


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