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Battle of the Fantasy Foods 2016: Round 4

It’s Round 4 of the Battle of the Fantasy Foods, and it is getting LIT. After tallying more than 100k votes, only eight contenders remain standing…will YOUR favorite fictional food make it to the top? Remember, we’re making the final four foods at New York Comic-Con in October, so tell your Mom, tell your neighbors, tell everyone with reasonable internet access to vote for the food you wanna nom on the most.

Let’s check out who’s still in the running:

Regular Show RigJuice VS. Zootopia Pawpsicles

rigjuice regular show

Toxic waste or watered-down popsicles shaped like lil’ baby paws? WE CAN’T DECIDE.

Battle for Dream Island Yoylecake VS. Pokemon MooMoo Milk


Let’s see.. would you rather have a cake that turns you into metal or a swig of fresh milk? This one’s tough!

Harry Potter Ton-Tongue Toffee VS. Gravity Falls Pitt Cola

gravity falls pitt cola

We want both — the pitt cola to wash down those ton-tongue toffees.

We Bare Bears Calzones
VS. Steven Universe Together Breakfast


Guys, this is a hard one. Pizza small enough you can slip into a jacket pocket or the cutest stack of waffles ever?

Is your community’s fantasy food represented in the final eight? Rally your fellow fans to vote, and may the best fantasy food win!

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