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The Battle of Fantasy Foods Has Begun!

Have any of you ever been in a food fight? Chances are, not likely. Schools actually crack down hard on that sort of nonsense these days. How about a food contest? More likely a hot dog eating competition. But how many have been to one that allows multiple samplings where you decide which is the best? Kind of like the Chili festival from Wild Hogs. Hopefully, your throat won’t bleed this time. If you’re enthusiastic about these contests and hold yourself to a particular quadrant of Geekdom, have we got news for you.

For four years now, an obscure end of Wikia has held a contest dubbed Battle of the Fantasy Foods, where voters from all over come to nominate their food of choice as the reigning source of sustenance across the board! Six rounds of voting, sixty-four brackets to choose from. Initially, it was a contest for fun in its 2013 debut, naming the famed Krabby Patty the winner. The following year upped the ante. The final four nominees would not only attain honor and glory for their parent fandoms, they would also be served on the brand new Wikia food truck: Real, tangible, and tasty results for dedicated fans who kept up the heat in the polls.

2014’s winners treated attendees of NYCC to Gravity Falls‘ Smile Dip, Fallout’s Nuka-Cola, Adventure Time’s Bacon Pancakes, and Warframe’s Greedy Milk. In 2015, Nuka-Cola clinched the champion spot again, with Gravity Falls’ Mable Juice and Steven Universe’ Cookie Cats bringing up the rear, with each item counting up over 100,000 votes each. And now, nominations are being called for yet again. Be sure to enter your favorite food, be it Fallout‘s Nuka-Cola (again) or Elder Scrolls‘ Sweet Roll. We’ll see you at the food truck when it’s all over. Voting commences Monday, July 18, and you can track the polls as they go through the coming months.

May the best food win.

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