Battle of the Fantasy Foods 2016: Round Two


Round One of Wikia’s Battle of the Fantasy Foods may have come to a close, but the competition is just getting started.

Hundreds of food nominees from communities all over Wikia battled it out in the first round. Over 24,000 votes were cast, and now 32 contenders will fight the good fight in Round Two. Did your fandom’s fantasy food make the cut? AWESOME. Go and rally your friends for support! Remember: we’re making real-life versions of the final four foods and serving them at our food truck at New York Comic-Con. You decide which foods make it to the next round — VOTE NOW.

Here are a few of our favorite contenders from Round One:

Dean’s Pie (Supernatural)

Why it’s a fan favorite: Fans of Supernatural know all about Dean Winchester‘s close, personal relationship with food. One of his all-time favorites is pie. There’s a running gag that when Dean asks another character on the show to buy him some pie, they always conveniently forget.

Why it belongs in our food truck: It may not be a fantasy food, but it’s pie. Who doesn’t like pie?


dean pie supernatural food battle

Cotton Balls (Scream Queens)

Why it’s a fan favorite: The Chanels — the sorority sisters from FOX’s Scream Queens — are ceremoniously eating cotton balls for lunch. They decide they’re tired of society telling them how to live their lives and go off to grab pizza instead. On their way to said pizza, the sisters are cat-called by two men. What proceeds is probably one of the most satisfying female empowerment scenes in television.

Why it belongs in our food truck: We could have gotten really creative here with tiny, pizza-flavored cotton candy in the shape of cotton balls.  Or even… regular cotton candy in the shape of tiny cotton balls. Whatevs.

scream queens cotton balls
scream queens cotton balls 2

Together Breakfast (Steven Universe)

Why it’s a fan favorite: We first encounter the Together Breakfast while it’s possessed by an evil spirit. The Crystal Gems and Steven manage to banish the evil spirit and decide to make a bigger and better Together Breakfast. Steven and The Crystal Gems are too afraid to eat the new one, however, and order a pizza instead. (We’re seeing a pattern here.)

Why it belongs in our food truck: During last year’s Battle, Cookie Cat made it all the way to the food truck (and let us be the first to tell you, they are delicious IRL). It’s clear that the Steven Universe community and their fantasy foods will be the ones to beat.

Fish Fingers and Custard (Doctor Who)

Why it’s a fan favorite: In the opening scene of series five of Doctor Who, young Amy Pond has a disgruntled, newly regenerated Eleventh Doctor in her kitchen, and they have no idea what he likes to eat. (“Why can’t you give me any decent food? You’re Scottish — fry something.”) After tasting everything from bacon to beans to bread and butter, the Doctor finally lands on fish custard (fish sticks and pudding in American terms). This seemingly innocuous moment proves to be quite meaningful for Amy and the Doctor in the future.

Why it belongs in our food truck: Savory and sweet usually go together… right?

doctor who fish fingers

Consolation Lasagna (Bee & Puppycat)

Why it’s a fan favorite: What began as a kickstarter is now an original webseries created by Natasha Allegri. Bee, a directionless twenty-something, meets a mysterious other-worldly creature named PuppyCat. In the pilot episode, Bee is visited by her neighbor after he hears she’s been fired. He leaves Bee a lasagna casserole to cheer her up.

Why it belongs in our food truck: Science said that carbs are a good thing now. So yeah. That.

bee and puppycat lasagna

Black Forest Cake from Portal

Why it’s a fan favorite: In one of the best endings in all of video game history, turns out the Black Forest cake (used as a motivational tool for Chell and other Aperture Test Subjects) isn’t a lie…but it’s also not exactly made with natural, organic ingredients.

Why it belongs in our food truck: A party without cake is just a meeting.

Which Battle of the Fantasy Foods contender will make it to the top? YOU decide! Can’t decide? Go with your gut. Literally.

Therese is a staff contributor at Fandom.
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