‘Batman v Superman’ Ultimate Edition Trailer Promises R-Rated Goodness

Brandon Marcus
Movies DC
Movies DC

Many people are very excited about the Blu-ray release of Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of JusticeBut people aren’t excited because they liked the movie. Rather, many are looking forward to the film because they didn’t like it. The Ultimate Edition release of the film will feature 30 extra minutes of footage, new characters and is rated R. This is a second chance for those who weren’t blown away by Snyder’s explosive, abrasive picture.

The trailer for the Ultimate Edition is here and promises lots of new stuff, including tons of new dialogue, new scenes and the debut of the long-rumored role played by Jena Malone. We hope the extra 30 minutes of footage gives the characters more depth and the plot more…sense.

B v S (1)

By now we can all admit that Batman v Superman is not a perfect film, not by a long shot. But even those who were incredibly hard on the movie could see kernels of something worthwhile buried underneath. Will a longer, bloodier cut of the movie give people the film they were promised? It’s not too likely since extended cuts rarely change a film substantially. But it has happened (Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven comes to mind). Perhaps Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition will change everyone’s tune about the theatrical cut of the film. Or perhaps it’ll just add more noise, more chaos and more awkward dialogue.

We will know when the film hits digital HD on June 28th and Blu-ray July 19th. Along with the extended and theatrical versions of the movie, you will also get a plethora of special features. Watch the trailer below and then decide if this film is worth your time and money again.

Hat tip to Collider, who originally debuted the trailer.

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