Bailey Noble Talks Horror, Guns, And ‘Martyrs’

Andrew Hawkins

Bailey Noble is best known for her role as Adilyn Bellefleur in HBO’s graphic vampire series True Blood. Recently we spoke with the actress about her work in the Horror genre and her new film Martyrs, a recent remake of the shocking French thriller from 2008. Martyrs, directed by Kevin and Michael Goetz, is currently playing in select theaters across the country and is now available for digital download.

Fandom: How did you wind up starring in Martyrs?

Bailey Noble: I auditioned for the film. I went in and auditioned and then I met with Troian Bellisario and that was awesome. It was just an all around good experience.

Fandom: Were you familiar with the original film from 2008?

Bailey Noble: I hadn’t seen the original film until after I booked it, and then I watched it. What I really loved about our version and script was that it’s still in the genre of horror obviously, but it’s more of a psychological thriller. You don’t know what’s going on until the end. I really loved my character Anna’s journey throughout the story.

Fandom: You, Troian Bellisario and Caitlin Carmichael really deal with some horrific and intense moments in this movie.

Bailey Noble: It was very intense, but they are both such incredible people that when we weren’t shooting we were laughing, we were talking and bonding and it was great because they are really wonderful to work with.

Fandom: Are you a big Horror movie fan at all?

Bailey Noble: I do really love Horror films. I get really scared by them, but I think I really like them for the adrenaline rush. It’s fun to live in the world of Horror, especially with True Blood and anything that’s so whimsical and magical. It’s fun to because you don’t live in a world like that.


Fandom: How did you prepare for the more brutal parts of Martyrs?

Bailey Noble: Y’know, the material itself is enough to make me go to that darker place. I didn’t really have to dive too deeply.

Fandom: You also had a lot of action scenes and stunt work in the film.

Bailey Noble: That was actually kind of awesome and fun. It’s not everyday you get to learn how to shoot a shotgun or a 9mm and fight off all these bad guys. It was really fun and we moved very quickly too. A lot of these big action scenes happened very quickly.

Fandom: There’s a moment when you face off against Toby Huss.

Bailey Noble: Oh, he was wonderful. Yeah, just very professional and he made my job very easy because he was always on top of his stuff.

Fandom: Did you have a good working relationship with directors Kevin and Michael Goetz?

Bailey Noble: Yes, they’re awesome guys. It’s funny because they both have families and kids, so they really took care of me and made sure that I was comfortable the whole time and happy. Everybody was, the whole cast and crew just worked really well together. It was fun working with two directors because if one of them was off cutting up a scene, I could be talking to somebody about my performance while somebody could be taking care of the technical side of it.


Fandom: Had you done any previous work similar to this at all?

Bailey Noble: True Blood lives in that dark world, so I think that connects well. This film really was a challenge physically and emotionally, and I learned a lot.

Fandom: What’s your perspective on the ending of the film?

Bailey Noble: Y’know, I like that it’s kept open to interpretation because people can make what they want of it. I like to think that Lucie’s character is not the only martyr and that Anna turns out to be a martyr as well.

Fandom: Anything exciting planned for the future?

Bailey Noble: Yeah, I’ve got Fox’s upcoming new show Lucifer. I’m gonna be on it in Episode 3: The Would-Be Prince of Darkness and that’s coming out in February. I’ve got a few films that should be coming out this year. Work has been big.

Fandom: Any final words for fans looking forward to Martyrs?

Bailey Noble: I really hope that the fans of it look at it as a reimagining more than a remake, and I hope that they can have an open mind about it.

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