‘The Bachelor’: Power Ranking the Remaining Contestants After Their Paris Dates

Adam Salandra

Paris proved to be an elimination bloodbath for the ladies of The Bachelor this week as Arie Luyendyk Jr. got rid of three contestants after four intense dates.

This week we said goodbye to Jenna as well as early frontrunners Chelsea (the single mom who we placed at number two on last week’s rankings … oops) and Krystal (who played her role of the villain to perfection right up until the end).

Let’s help Arie find his wife by ranking the remaining ladies’ chances of winning ahead of next week’s episode in Tuscany.

7. Jacqueline

The bachelor jacqueline

Believe it or not, Jacqueline did not just join the show on this episode. She’s allegedly been there among the other girls all along! While so far her only claim to fame was offering to drink her own urine, she finally got a one-on-one date with the bachelor this week. Not only did Arie not make her drink her own bodily fluids, but he got over his fear of being less intelligent than she is and gifted her a rose. It was great that she finally got a chance to shine but doubtful that it was enough for her to knock out the current frontrunners.

6. Kendall

the bachelor kendall

The quirkiest contestant of the season won the hearts of Bachelor Nation on this week’s episode when she battled Krystal in the two-on-one date with nothing but empathy and compassion. But even though we got to see it happen, Arie didn’t. That means he only knows her as the taxidermy loving blonde who would seriously consider eating human flesh. If these two have a strong connection, we haven’t witnessed it yet, so chances are strong that her upcoming date in Tuscany with Arie may prove to be her last.

5. Becca K.

the bachelor becca k

Becca K. was the first to land a one-on-one date with the bachelor this season and they instantly seemed to connect. Unfortunately for her though, the duo never really had an opportunity to keep the sparks alive as the season progressed. Becca K. will have to pull out all the stops in Tuscany in order to survive another week.

4. Tia

the bachelor tia

We placed Tia in the number one spot last week after the fan favorite admitted she was falling in love with our bachelor. But Paris didn’t provide an opportunity for the southern gal to shine, so she’s going to need to bring it in Tuscany to get Arie to say he loves her back.

3. Seinne

the bachelor seinne

Last week we ranked Seinne lower on the list simply because we felt she was too good for Arie. And while the sentiment still stands, she had several scenes on this week’s episode that indicated she may really have feelings for the racecar driver. She dances, speaks French, went to Yale, and likes Arie anyway. (Nobody’s perfect.) That should be enough to have Arie handing a rose to this MVP again next week.

2. Bekah M.

the bachelor bekah 22

It looked like the massive age difference between Bekah M. (22) and Arie (36) would be the thing to do the bubbly contestant in, but the bachelor doesn’t seem to care. He chose Bekah as the winner of the group date this week which means she got to perform with him at the Moulin Rouge as the other women looked on in horror from the balcony. It is very clear that Arie is infatuated with Bekah, so if age becomes nothing more than a number, she’s got a great chance of making it to the end.

1. Lauren B.

the bachelor lauren b

Arie and Lauren B. shared one of the most awkward dates of the season this week when the beautiful blonde barely spoke — other than occasionally responding “wow” to anything the bachelor pointed out in the City of Love. And that bland date is exactly why she shot up to our number one spot on the list. Their personalities seem like a perfect match. Also, she is the first to get Arie to open up about his past in an attempt to get her to trust him. They shared emotional stories with each other and it wouldn’t be surprising if Lauren B. is the exact challenge Arie was looking for. Also, he thinks she’s really, really hot.

What do you think of our rankings? Tune into The Bachelor Monday night on ABC to see the results.

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