Awesome Games Done Quick 2016 Is Live Now Through Jan. 9

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One of the charities previously featured in ourĀ roundup of gaming charities, Games Done Quick, has kicked off their annual Awesome Games Done Quick fundraiser for 2016. This year’s event began Jan. 3 and runs until midnight PST of Jan. 9. The fundraiser features speed runs of classic and contemporary games, and proceeds from the event will benefit the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Highlights from this year’s schedule include recent hits such as Splatoon, Transformers: Devastation, Ori and the Blind Forest, Axiom Verge, The Talos Principle, SOMA, Super Mario Maker, and Bloodborne. Some classic speed run staples also make an appearance, including several entries from the Super Mario, Zelda, Castlevania, Sonic, and Mega Man franchises. There are also blocks of games with similar themes, including indie games, shooters, Disney games, and spooky games. There is even an entire block dedicated to bad games appropriately titled Awful Games Done Quick.

The Awesome Games Done Quick tradition of adding donation incentives, bid wars and challenges is back. Some of the more creative items include a Disney song singalong, playing Fez as Sonic, getting to choose the radio station in GTA III, and a blindfolded race through Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!

You can watch the event all week on the Games Done Quick Twitch channel. Learn more about Games Done Quick, the Prevent Cancer Foundation, and upcoming fundraisers here.

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