Awesome Arrowverse Costume Concept Art

Behind every costume is design after design after design to ensure that the character’s look is just right. The CW’s Arrowverse is no exception. Citizen Steel and Vigilante didn’t always look the way they do in the current incarnations but instead went through several different looks to achieve the perfect design. If you’ve ever wondered what these Arrowverse characters originally looked like on paper, these awesome costumes show the evolution of their costumes before they made it onto the show.


Early Vigilante costume Arrow season 5

For those who haven’t been keeping up with Arrow, this character is a vigilante nicknamed Vigilante (very creative). Dubbed Mr. Ski Goggles by Felicity Smoak, his costume is one of the closest we will see to his comic book counterpart.


Just take a look at the two characters — same goggles, black jacket and pants, and blue highlights. With just a little bulk added, Vigilante’s costume looks similar to the way it does in the real world.

Citizen Steel


Just wow. Take a look at those colors. Most of the time, real-world counterparts to comic book characters tend to have their colors toned down, but not this one. Furthermore, Maya Mani, the person responsible for this amazing design, even posed the two identically.


Don’t recognize this character? His name is Nate Heywood, also known as Citizen Steel. He is a new member of Team Legends that has the unique ability for organic steel transformation

The Green Arrow suit was inspired by Oliver Queen’s garb on Lian Yu. The Flash suit was designed originally to replace the turnouts firefighters wear. So what’s the reason behind Nate’s Steel Suit? Nate is the grandson of another hero, Henry Heywood. Also known as Commander Steel, his suit was red, white, and blue, just like the ones that highlight Nate’s suit.

Illustrated by Andy Poon and created by costume designer Maya Mani, we can’t wait to see what costume they come up with next. While you will have to wait to see more of Vigilante, you can catch more of Citizen Steel with the upcoming eighth episode of the second season of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow on Dec 8.

Citizen Steel: ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ Vs Comics

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