‘Who is the Greatest Avenger?’ Civil War Bracket Tournament

Billy Arrowsmith
Marvel Comics
Marvel Comics

Captain America: Civil War is coming out next month and the Marvel Database is getting hyped. The movie will feature some big battles with Avengers fighting each other, so there’s already been a lot of debate. Who’s gonna win, Team Cap or Team Iron Man? Who would win in a fight between all of the Avengers? Inspired by these conversations, we’re holding a Civil War bracket tournament to decide the greatest Avenger in Marvel history. It was hard narrowing it down to 64 out of the 120+ Avengers, but we tried to pick the ones who made the most sense (sorry, D-Man). You can vote below, but click on this link to the Marvel Database if you want to debate nerds in the comments!

Captain America - Civil War

Breaking it Down

We tried to structure this so that the match-ups would be as fair as possible, and so we’d get some great fights out of it. That meant grouping a lot of the biggest heavy-hitters into the first quadrant so the more specialized characters would have a chance to shine. We didn’t want the entire tournament to be overrun by differently colored Hulks. Some of the pairings are obvious and some are a little weirder. I knew I wanted to see if Red Hulk could take down the Sentry. I was worried Deadpool might steamroll everyone on sheer popularity, so I put him up against Wolverine. Then if he beats Wolverine he might have Squirrel Girl to look out for!

I had to have Hulkling fight Wiccan to the death, because I am a monster and your tears are like sweet candy to me. I also had to give the ‘All-New, All-Different’ Avengers their own spotlight so it made sense to have Miles Morales fight Kamala Khan. Personally, I am rooting for Squirrel Girl to come from behind and take everything, because I STILL BELIEVE THERE IS MAGIC IN THIS WORLD DAMMIT.

Unbeatable Squirrel Girl

Squirrel Girl > Everyone

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