Automatron DLC Comes to ‘Fallout 4’ This Week

Fallout Games
Fallout Games

Getting fed up with Fallout 4 yet? Of course not, but you may want to loosen your belt up a notch, because it’s time for the first piece of Fallout 4 DLC: “Automatron.”

If you need a little more than Codsworth and Curie to mechanically fortify your posse, then the “Automatron” add-on is what you’re looking for.

Much like the “Gun Runners’ Arsenal” add-on in Fallout: New Vegas, “Automatron” brings you goodies to play with, as opposed to new areas to explore. Robots, quests, achievements, and robots (Did I already say robots?) are on the table here.

The set-up for this add-on is that a strange being, known as the Mechanist has set their mechanical minions loose upon the Commonwealth. Souped up robobrains, sentry bots, Mister Handys, and protectrons are coming and you must stop them. Fallout fans may remember the Mechanist from the Superhuman Gambit quest in Fallout 3 , but it is unknown whether the connection transcends name at this point.

One man’s destroyed henchmen is another man’s new companion. You can take what you salvage from these new robots and turn them into your own bad-ass robot companions. Hit up the new robot workbench and give them the best armor and weapons, then customize their paint job and voice as you see fit. Or you can don the parts yourself! From an assaultron‘s laser  to Mister Handy’s buzz saw, you can raise hell in fun new ways.

“Automatron” is just the first of several add-ons coming to Fallout 4. Between the “Wasteland Workshop add-on coming in April, and the large story expansion, “Far Harbor” dropping in May, Fallout 4 fans should be ready to fall in love with the wasteland like it’s November 2015 all over again.

“Automatron” is available this week for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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