‘Attack on Titan’ Chapter 81 – The End for Levi and Erwin?

The Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) manga series is famous for its violence and gore. However, the main issue that upsets readers the most is the excessive amount of major character deaths. Unfortunately, rumor has it that the upcoming chapter of Attack on Titan might reveal the demise of two of the most beloved characters of the series.


It’s never easy to see your favorite characters kick the bucket. But given the extreme violence and gore of the chapters leading up to Chapter 80 (the most recent chapter) of Attack on Titan, it’s pretty obvious that even more characters are going to die for the sake of eliminating the titans and protecting Eren.

In chapter 80, the readers were given a not-so-subtle hint about which character was going to be killed off next. As things got worse for the Survey Corps soldiers fighting inside Wall Maria, Erwin made the (almost) fearless decision to send himself and his squad of trainees on a suicide mission to distract the Beast Titan and give Levi an opening to attack. Towards the end of the chapter, Erwin gets trapped under a grounded boulder. That’s some major foreshadowing right there.

Although Erwin’s possible death seems pretty obvious at this point, several sources claim that Levi is also going to die in the next chapter. The author of the manga, Hajime Isayama, stated in a past interview that he had originally planned to eventually kill off every character in the series. Apparently, the original ending was supposed to be “grim, with a lot of major character deaths.”

This plan has now been changed due to persuasion from the fans of the series and interference from the manga’s anime adaptation. Still, the wait for Chapter 81 has left readers wondering one thing: Is this truly the end for Erwin and Levi, or will the fans’ beloved captain and commander live to fight another day?

Either way, it looks like Chapter 81 of Attack on Titan has a lot of drama in store for us.

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