Atari Has a New Console On the Way; See the First Teaser

Drew Dietsch

Atari is getting back in the console game. The legendary video game publisher has announced the Ataribox. What exactly is the Ataribox? Watch this teaser to get your first look a the mysterious system…

What Will the Ataribox Be?

Atari hasn’t had a console on the market for over two decades. Their last venture was the Jaguar and that was a huge failure. The Jaguar is often listed as one of the worst video game systems of all time. It’s interesting to think about what angle the company will take with this new console.

The teaser seems to show off a polished wood veneer that resembles the classic Atari 2600. Does that mean this is a retro system like the NES Classic? Or does Atari plan to create a modern system that will go head-to-head with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo?

Nothing has been confirmed yet, but this is big news. Atari seems committed to the idea but is keeping details secret for now. According to CEO Fred Chesnais, the Ataribox will run on “PC technology” and the full design will be revealed at a later date.

Best scenario: this is both a new system with modern games developed for it and comes loaded with tons of classic Atari games. The classic games are so small that a huge portion of the entire library could fit on one console. This would entice both classic gamers and new generations to check it out.

We’ll update this article with any new developments about the Ataribox.

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