Top Asher Millstone Moments on ‘How to Get Away With Murder’


How to Get Away with Murder, the provocative legal drama created by Shonda Rhimes, returns to TV tomorrow. We are so excited (and ready) for new episodes since last season’s finale left us with more questions than answers. Like who killed Wes’s newly discovered father? And will Frank come back to explain himself to Annalise? This show is filled with misdirection and surprise reveals, so we know that the showrunners will withhold this information until the last possible moment.

Plus we are so ready for some more hilarious scenes with the precious cinnamon roll Asher Millstone. He is such an underrated character and provides much-needed lightheartedness to a dark series. Below are our favorite moments and episodes in which Asher takes center stage.

Awkward Turtle

Asher Millstone Awkward

In Freakin’Whack a Mole, Asher is like so many of us who want only to be acknowledged by our senpai’s. You know how it is when you’re trying to impress a supervisor or crush, you end up embarrassing yourself in little ways.



In She’s Dying, Asher is the King of Sass. He is known for not having a filter and that mouth of his usually gets him into trouble. But that’s just one of the many reasons why we love him.


Asher Millstone Accepting

In What Happened to You, Annalise?, Asher may be somewhat of a douche but is surprisingly accepting of Connor’s relationship with Oliver. Just goes to show you that people have many layers.

Dancing Queen (ahem King)


In He Has a Wife, we witnessed Asher’s killer dance moves. He usually busts-a-move when he’s happy or celebrating, which doesn’t happen very often in a show like this one. All we’re asking for is a few scenes this season where he gets to shake it off.

Sensitive Sally


In What Did We Do?, Asher may pretend to be the stereotypical bro but, in reality, he’s a sensitive man. Let’s hope we’ll get to see more of this side of him. But please, Shonda, just don’t kill off anyone else he loves, okay?

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