DC Crossover: ‘Arrow’ Fan Favorite Resurrected

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The DCTV crossover episodes are always the most ambitious episodes of the year. They bring together four casts, four crews, four different shows into one narrative that always blows pervious crossovers out of the water. This year’s “Crisis on Earth-X” crossover is pushing those boundaries again, this time with doppelgängers and familiar faces.

Last night, as “Part 1” concluded, our team of heroes captured a rogue villain, one of the invaders from Earth-X. On the outside, this villain was dressed like Prometheus. On Earth-1, Prometheus was Adrian Chase. Chase died in the Season 5 finale of Arrow, was this his Earth-X doppelgänger? NOPE.

When he unmasked himself in the S.T.A.R. Labs pipeline, he was not Adrian Chase, he was TOMMY MERLYN. That’s right, Oliver’s best friend who perished in the Season 1 finale of Arrow. This version of Tommy was still Oliver’s best friend, but instead of him joining his friend’s crusade to fight crime, they were both in service of the Fatherland.

Tommy Merlyn, RIP Again

Tommy died in 'Arrow' Season 1.

This cameo came as quite a surprise, especially since fans have been clamoring to get actor Colin Donnell back on the show for a number of years. This isn’t the first time Colin reprised his role as Tommy Merlyn, he did come back for various flashback episodes in Season 2 and 3, just not 4 or 5.

Tommy was sorely missed in last year’s crossover episodes, especially Arrow‘s 100th episode, which featured a number of returning characters, including both of Oliver’s parents. Thankfully Colin was able to make “Crisis on Earth-X” Part 2, the Arrow part of the crossover.

While this evil version of Tommy wasn’t able to help Earth-1 Oliver, Colin and Stephen Amell did have a very touching scene in the pipeline, where Oliver expressed his regret over Tommy’s death and his continued loved for his fallen best friend. Sadly, evil Tommy took his own life by popping a cyanide pill. We had to say goodbye to Tommy all over again *sobs*.

The cast and crew took to social media last night to celebrate Colin’s return to the show, by sharing photos and tweets of his visit to the set:

Wouldn’t it be great if Tommy could come back permanently? If only Colin didn’t have that pesky (and oh-so-important) job on Chicago Med

The Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends of Tomorrow crossover “Crisis on Earth-X” continues tonight with Part 3 and Part 4, at 8PM on The CW.

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