Arrow ‘A Matter of Trust’ Recap and Reaction

Graham Host
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

Oliver Queen was abandoned by his former vigilante colleagues and has put together a new team. But Barry Allen rewrote time in the Flashpoint and events in both their lives may be spiralling out of control.

With only a handful of rookies to help him, Oliver must continue to protect his city against threats that most people would not even believe exist. But the criminal underworld is moving in ever dangerous ways and there’s a new archer in town. Prometheus is out to collect Green Arrow’s head.


Live Training

Arrow is streaming a chase to the rest of his team in order to give them an idea on how to get information and fight criminals. A new drug known as ‘Stardust’ is in play and Green Arrow is out to clear it up. Ragman has seen the damage drugs caused in Havenrock and Felicity displays guilt over the reminder of her actions. Even as Green Arrow is facing contention by his trainees over their lack of field time, a false alert sends him to a covert meeting with Detective Billy Malone – Felicity’s boyfriend. He heard Prometheus’ claim on on the Arrow’s head and wanted to pass a warning along.

Arrow teaches intimidation

As if events were not bad enough, John is being held in ‘disciplinary barracks’ – prison – on charges of espionage and murder. Lyla arrives and hears his story but Diggle is taken away as soon as he tells his story. It’s a cruel fact that the truth does not always win. John’s commander and fellow soldiers corroborated their stories and pinned all the blame on John. Now he is going to pay for their crimes. Escorted to a cell, there is yet more bad news: Deadshot is his new cellmate.

Back from the dead


Back in Star City, Mayor Queen is getting bad press over the appointment of Quentin Lance. Reports of his alcohol relapse are damaging to Oliver’s reputation and he immediately directs Thea to clear up the mess she has created.


Evelyn and Renee are performing recon on what Renee believes is the Stardust factory. But Wild Dog takes over when he realises that he’s right and takes on the assembled drug dealers with a pair of pistols. Evelyn takes down several thugs as Wild Dog begins losing to their boss. A single shot from Evelyn distracts him long enough for Wild Dog to flip him into a large vat of contaminated Stardust. Mayor Queen is suddenly interrupted by new District Attorney Adrian Chase who is facing a strong problem. It appears that a certain vigilante in a hockey mask killed their prime suspect in the Stardust scandal. Observe the idea of unforeseen consequences when your boss discovers you messed up.


Thea contacts the reporter who broke the news of Deputy Mayor Lance and his drinking problem. She politely requests that the story is redone with a smoother tone and gets an instant approval. Apparently, it was all the editor pushing for a bigger story.

Inmate Diggle sits down with Deadshot and grudgingly admits that he quit vigilantism to rejoin the army. The mood is strained but not murderous with Deadshot seeming at ease with his new roomie. There’s even an offer to play cards.



We now move to a coroner beginning an autopsy on Derek Sampson. Brace yourself: Sampson somehow awakens, unfeeling of pain. Thankfully it’s not a zombie apocalypse. Stardust infused his body chemistry and sent him into a near-death state. Curtis is practising boxing when Ragman makes to leave. Another classic bumbling Curtis conversation reveals that he used to live in Havenrock and Holt confronts Felicity about it. She reveals that he had yet to tell him just before an alert at Starling General sends Arrow to fight Zombie-Sampson.


But a stronger, unhurting Sampson manages to win this round with Arrow forced to retreat. Team Arrow attempt to put together a plan. Oliver will try and hunt him down as Curtis tries to find a cure for his condition. DA Chase summons the Mayor and the trainee heroes offer to help only for Oliver to turn them down in light of their previous ‘recon’. Trust is hard to grow and easy to lose.

Island Oliver – now working with Bratva – is attempting to understand exactly what they are about. It is revealed that the other recruits were criminals. Oliver asks what would have happened if somebody else had rung the bell and receives the dark reply ‘Bratva still bring justice’. Bratva seems to be the Russian Batmen. Back in modern times, Inmate Diggle is becoming impatient over his cellmate. Floyd Lawton – Deadshot – and the supposed killer of Diggle’s brother is his new cellmate. The truth about Andy comes out after Deadshot spots the ‘was alive’. Deadshot points out that all the anger John felt towards him wasn’t earned since Andy was still alive.

Plot Twists

Legal problems are stumping Chase as he is unable to secure a warrant. Lucky for him, a certain Mayor funded the reelection of a prominent Judge. Oliver promises to work something out and Chase is rotated for Thea. Her attempts to fix the problem have created worse results. She accidentally revealed that she hired Lance without consulting Oliver and it makes him appear inept. You can’t trust the press. Always check your facts out yourself.


Sampson has gathered his underworld associates and convinces them to undergo the same procedure as him. Every undead zombie needs a good horde. Lyla has been digging into the people who framed John and found some evidence but John wants the sentence as payment for killing his brother. It is also revealed that Deadshot may not have actually been present at all.


During their usual training – with Evelyn beating Curtis – Oliver arrives and asks that they help him prevent Sampson from discovering how else to create superhuman criminals. A brutal fight goes down between Sampson and Green Arrow as his team plant explosives to detonate the Stardust factory. Beating brawn with brains, Oliver slices the tendons Sampson needs to stand upright. As a reward for their work, Oliver shows them the real Arrow Cave. Not that we call it that – ever.

Introducing Mr Terrific

Coming Clean

Mayor Queen decides to invite the press to clear up rumour surrounding his administration. Noticeably amongst the reporters is the one who attempted to ruin his reputation. Oliver firmly takes responsibility for everything ins his administration and announces Quentin Lance as the new Deputy Mayor. It appears that the one-time playboy is now a fully mature leader in all respects.


After the broadcast, Felicity finally approaches Ragman about the Havenrock missile and her part in it. There isn’t any way for Ragman to process this information so he simply walks away in utter shock. Remember folks: apologies don’t mean squat. Try and avoid blowing up towns as well.


As Oliver is finally taking some time for himself, Lyla approaches and asks him to help break out John. Last time this happened, it was part of a ruse in Russia. I can’t wait to find out how Team Arrow plans to pull this one off.


  • John’s imprisonment is a savage reminder that all it takes for evil to win is enough people working together. He did the right thing but ended up in jail for another persons’ crimes.
  • The Bratva sense of justice makes for an appealing parallel to Batman. I really hope that they make a return outside of flashbacks.
  • We see some real humanity in Felicity this week. Overriding guilt at the outcome of her actions forces her to reveal what she did. Even so, there was no way he would have found out otherwise.
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