Why ‘Arrow’ Is The Best Arrowverse Show

Graham Host
TV Arrowverse
TV Arrowverse

The CW’s Arrowverse of TV series is always growing. Arrow, The Flash, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow each occupy a different corner of DC’s TV universe. However, if we had to pick a favourite, we know which one it would be. Here’s why Arrow is the best Arrowverse show.


Although The Flash may be my favourite Arrowverse show, Arrow is definitely the best. The Flash has a compelling storyline and meta-humans scattered around like so much confetti but sanity doesn’t fit into the picture much. Barry Allen moves at super-speeds and that somehow becomes the answer to everything. Killer gorilla on the loose? Super-speed punch. Runaway tornado? Super-speed slipstream. Tsunami headed for the city? All you have to do is run fast enough. And don’t even get me started on Legends of Tomorrow. Hunt Savage, find Savage, lose to Savage, repeat. Great idea, bad execution.


Arrow has none of the drawbacks the other shows have. Yes, he uses a bow and arrow in almost every situation. But it’s not the only arrow in his quiver. Any tech problems that arise and in swoops Felicity Smoak to help.

Felicity Smoak

Need to sneak in somewhere Green Arrow can’t reach? Enter Oliver Queen. Crazy magic totem being wielded by evil villain? Phone some friends and get some magic of your own. Arrow takes new situations and adapts to fit – not the other way around. The flashback storylines are pure gold as well and will be sorely missed once the fifth season ends (the flashbacks are set five relative years in the past so they cannot be used for season six as flashbacks would hit season one and continuity errors would abound).


I admit that since the portrayal of Green Arrow in Smallville, I was skeptical when Arrow first came on the air. Now I cannot imagine life without the gritty interpretation of DC’s Emerald Archer. He might have spawned an entire Arrowverse but there isn’t another character that has evolved as much as Oliver. His pre-Lian Yu self was a spoilt rich kid who relied upon the money of his family to avoid the consequences of his actions.


Then the Queen’s Gambit sank and Oliver was forced from a life of limitless comfort to unending despair. Encountering Edward Fyres forced him to question if giving another person’s life to spare his own would be acceptable. When he does finally escape the island, Amanda Waller is ready to force him into service and Oliver loses a young child whom he grows close with. The next mission crams him back onto Lian Yu under the tyrannical rule of an insane magician. The events he endured have now led him to Russia but he will inevitably return to Lian Yu at least once more. Then will begin his journey as the Arrow.


Each event hardens Oliver and forces him to learn new skills. Time after time pits him against increasingly difficult and complex challenges. The hero of Star City believed Oliver Queen died in the wreck of the Queens Gambit. But then his best friend was killed, Oliver started to fall in love with Felicity and his life didn’t seem so monochromatic anymore. By comparison, Barry Allen has always been the energetic smiling goofball with no real hardships – except the parents bit – who almost gets along with his enemies.


Rip Hunter is a vengeful man who doesn’t even bother to try and kill teen-Savage. Even the penultimate orphan Supergirl has a shallower character than the new Mayor. This is a breakdown of her relationship with James (Jimmy) Olsen:

  1. I like James Olsen
  2. I’m finally dating Jimmy
  3. I’ve slept on it and I don’t actually love him

Because that’s literally what happened. One date that almost happened and nothing since.


Possibly the reason why Arrow is the best is the lack of material they have to go off – Green Arrow not exactly being the most popular icon around and something of a wandering hippie at times. A lot of Batman’s ideals have been dribbled into the mix and created something completely new and utterly brilliant.

Barry might have speed, the Legends time travel, and Supergirl a whole host of powers, but Green Arrow is the man with a bow and arrow who has saved his city – and the world – more than once.

Disagree? Here’s why the other Arrowverse shows are better.

Graham Host is a member of the Fan Contributor program. In his spare time, he enjoys the works of Terry Pratchett, DC Comics and a wide assortment of video games. Under no circumstances should he be fed after midnight.
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