Arms Update 2.0 Adds New Fighter, Deletes Controversial Stage From Ranked Play

Samantha Loveridge
Games Nintendo
Games Nintendo

There’s a brand new Arms update available now and it’s a big one. Arms update 2.0 brings with it a suite of big changes and additions that are going to have quite an affect on the game overall.

Firstly, you’ll notice that there’s a brand new character in the line-up – Max Brass. You might recognise him as one of the bosses in the game’s single-player Grand Prix mode, but he’s now a playable character for all modes.

Arms update – Max Brass

With Max Brass you also get three brand new arms for Arms – the Nade, Roaster and Kablammer.

Arms update
Arms update
Arms update

This new character is definitely the headline of this big Arms update, but there’s also a brand new mode to enjoy too called Hedlok Scramble.  The new mode is based around Hedlok, the other boss featured in the Grand Prix, and will see players fighting the take possession of Hedlok before their opponents can. You can then use Hedlok, and all his power, against them.

There’s also a brand new stage called Sky Arena and a Play Record has been added to the Main Menu so you can find out which fighters you most frequently use.

Interestingly, with all the new stuff coming with Arms update 2.0, there’s something being taken away too. The controversial Snake Park map, which happens to be Kid Cobra’s home stage where you can fly around on spinning discs, has now been removed from Ranked Play, which is definitely a very, very good thing.

The full changelog is as follows:

Character updates

  • Byte and Barq – Fixed an issue that allowed Barq to prevent an opponent from using their Rush Attack during an online match
  • Kid Cobra – Jumping distance has been decreased
  • Ninjara – Corrected an issue which prevented Ninjara from breaking certain objects on the Ribbon Ring stage
  • Ribbon Girl – Fixed an issue which allowed Ribbon Girl to attack in mid-air for a prolonged period of time

Stage updates

  • Scrap Yard – Fixed an issue causing the destructible poles in the center of the stage to sometimes not break

Ranked Mode updates

  • Max Rank increased to 20
  • Penalties towards those who disconnect during Ranked Match gameplay have been increased

Online Play updates

  • Improved syncing between players so that condition of items, arms and other details are the same for both players
  • V-Ball – Fixed an issue which prevented players from successfully finishing a match due to the ball not touching the court

General updates

  • The following arms have been improved by shortening the length of time required to stretch: Megaton, Megawatt, Revolver, Retorcher and Boomerang.
  • The following arms now have an increased delay before returning to normal, should they be shot down while attacking: Popper, Cracker, Vertival
  • Phalanax – Movement speed increased
  • Popper – Charge visibility increased
  • Cracker – Charge visibility increased
  • Vertival – Damage during Rush Attacks decreased
  • Triblast – Fixed an issue that allowed Triblast to recover more quickly when the arm is repelled
  • Gelgel – Fixed an issue where Gelgel would sometimes become stuck in the ground and unable to attack
  • Megaton – Fixed an issue where Megaton would sometimes become stuck in the ground and unable to attack
  • Slapamander – Corrected an issue that prevented some Slapamander attacks from successfully landing against Helix
  • Fixed an issue where explosive arms would sometimes not detonate during attacks
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