Check Out Ares in the New ‘Wonder Woman’ Trailer

Joseph Wilbur
Movies DC
Movies DC

Wonder Woman fans have been itching for a glimpse of Ares outside of a toy car box, and the newest international trailer has given them their wish. The Chinese trailer has quite a bit of unseen footage, including a better look at Ares, the God of War.

Our trailer breakdown includes GIFs so you can see the moment when Wonder Woman snares Ares more than once.

Ares and Wonder Woman

Doesn't this look awesome?

This shot shows Ares at quite a distance, but this glimpse is more than we have seen in previous trailers. This also confirms that we will see a showdown between Wonder Woman and Ares in the film.

Wonder Woman uses her Lasso of Truth in this scene, which implies that he is susceptible to her most notable weapon. But remember that Ares is an extremely powerful immortal, so the Lasso will not solve all of Wonder Woman’s problems.

Wonder Woman and Doctor Poison

This film doesn’t just have one villain. In fact, it has quite a few, and all of them are pawns of Ares—including Doctor Poison.

Before the most recent trailer, speculation about this masked woman’s identity has run rampant—even Circe was entertained as a possibility—but now we know that she is Princess Maru, an obscure villain who used the name Doctor Poison.

This clip, although brief, opens up a ton of possibilities. In this scene, we see a showdown between the masked villain and Wonder Woman and it seems that Diana saves Doctor Poison’s life. If that is the case, this moment might give the pair a reason to team up against Ares.

Connection to Batman v Superman

Fans might remember Bruce Wayne researched Wonder Woman’s past in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. That same moment appears in this trailer and once again Said Taghmaoui, Steve Trevor, Brave Rock, and Ewan Bremner are at Diana Prince’s side.

It is easy to miss this detail in the trailer, but it is an entertaining callback to the previous film.

 Wonder Woman hits theaters on June 2nd, 2017.

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