Anne Hathaway is ‘Colossal’ in New Trailer

Eric Fuchs

Most kaiju films do not open at the Toronto International Film Festival. Also, most kaiju films do not star Anne Hathaway. Colossal is not most giant monster movies. It is an upcoming horror comedy directed by Nacho Vigalondo. Where most festival movies are artsy and sophisticated, Colossal is just something completely bonkers. After making a splash at TIFF last year, Colossal now has its first trailer.

Colossal is the story of an alcoholic Anne Hathaway with messy hair. Suddenly her life of bars and failed relationships is interrupted when a giant monster attacks Seoul, South Korea. The character feels a strange connection to the creature, however. What happens next is…

…Well, if you’ve come to believe that movies are nothing more than the same thing over and over, watch this trailer:

Anne Hathazilla

Yeah, Anne Hathaway is remote controlling the monster. That should sell you on the movie right there.

Colossal is not the first kaiju comedy. We reviewed Big Man Japan on our Weird Watch feature, and that was twice as weird as this. But there is something special in seeing Academy Award Winning actress, Anne Hathaway here. She once belted her eyes out in Les Miserables. Now she’s busting move in a Godzilla Groove. She cavorts for co-stars Jason Sudeikis and Tim Blake Nelson in the dim day of an American mumblecore setting. Meanwhile, the monster matches her movements in the dark rain of East Asia. It’s all fun unless you’re the poor victims in the car.

Is this all a metaphor for a young woman’s struggles? Or is it just a really silly comedy with a premise that has to be seen to be believed? Whatever Colossal is, critics at Toronto loved it. Rotten Tomatoes currently has Colossal at 75% Fresh.

Colossal will be released on April 7th.

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