Annapurna Pictures Announces Video Games Division

One of the finest film companies in Hollywood is going interactive.

Annapurna Pictures is responsible for some of the most lauded movies in the last five years. Megan Ellison’s company is most notable for producing unique and challenging films like Her, The Master, American Hustle and the Academy Awards Best Motion Picture of the Year award nominee Zero Dark Thirty. Annapurna’s approach to producing movies is one of the best in the business, and now that focus will soon be branching out to the world of video games.

This is huge news for gamers and movie fans. Annapurna Interactive has just been announced as the new branch of a company that has already made their mark on cinema. Founder and CEO Megan Ellison has stated that she is a hardcore gamer and Zelda fan and that her team is eager to help developers and artists achieve their vision. Annapurna Interactive could easily become a leader in independent gaming if they apply their business model like they do with their films.

Already, the company has announced two games coming in early 2017. Goroga is an artistic puzzler that features imagery influenced by Gustave Doré, David Roberts and cartoonist Chris Ware just to name a few. The game will be available on PC and Mac and will then be ported to mobile devices soon after. Developer Jason Roberts has already received praise and awards for the visual art, design and narrative aspects of Gorgora, so this should be one to look out for.

What Remains of Edith Finch will be the second game released in the spring by Annapurna. Surreal game makers Giant Sparrow already have a title called The Unfinished Swan out on the PS3, PS4 and Vita, and the response has been positive. Edith Finch will center on a cursed family where players will experience multiple stories divided into separate chapters. Developed in part by Santa Monica Studios, this title looks strange, interesting and very promising.

Should gamers be excited?

Annapurna Interactive is a bold move for Megan Ellison. Her focus on producing entertainment that challenges audiences with unique stories and visuals puts her company in the top tier of the media landscape. We already know that Annapurna will be releasing games from Katamari Damacy creator Keita Takahashi and Monument Valley developer Ken Wong, so expectations are rightfully high. The field of independent gaming in 2017 is now looking even better for awesome independent games.

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