Which ‘Annabelle: Creation’ Cast Members are Terrified of Horror Films?

Lawrence Yee

Annabelle: Creation opens in theaters this weekend, with horror film fans lining up to learn the origin of the demon-possessed doll.

But just because the cast members star in a horror film doesn’t mean they enjoy watching them.

Take the adult actors, for example. Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto play the Mullins, a married couple who are tormented by the demon. Neither is a fan of slasher films, which thankfully Annabelle is not (although the film “gets dark and monster crazy,” according to our FANDOM review).

Both Otto and Stephanie Sigman — who plays Sister Charlotte — physically retreat into their seats when watching horror. The young stars, however, love to be scared.

Talitha Bateman, who plays Janice, boasted, “I love horror movies. I’ve been watching them since I was little.” (Note: the talented young actress is just 15).

Lulu Wilson, who at age eleven has already starred in three horror films (Deliver Us From Evil, Ouija: Origin of Evil, and as Linda in Annabelle: Creation), is a genre pro. “I don’t really get scared,” the pre-teen stated.

However, Wilson did find the Annabelle doll scary, especially the scene where she had to shoot under the stairs in the Mullins’ home.

“It was just me and Annabelle. It was really creepy,” Wilson admitted. “The moment they called ‘cut’ I bolted out of there.”

For LaPaglia, the most terrifying scene was when his character confronts the demon with a crucifix. But the scare came in an unexpected way.

“There was no evil entity to act [opposite] to. My fear was ‘is this going to be too much. How big can you go with this?’ As it turned out, I did it and then I fell on the floor, and I split my pants,” the veteran actor explained with a laugh.”So that was the most terrifying thing about the whole thing, as I had no seat in my pants anymore.”

How do you watch horror films and will you be seeing the sequel? Annabelle Creation is in theaters now.

Lawrence Yee
Lawrence is Editor in Chief of FANDOM. He grew up loving X-Men, Transformers, and Japanese-style role playing games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. First-person shooters make him incredibly nauseous.
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