Anime Power Rivalry: Saitama vs. Goku

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Saitama vs Goku: who would win? It has been a widely discussed topic among otaku everywhere. For those who don’t know these two, Goku, from Dragon Ball Z, is an alien known as a Saiyan who was raised on earth, and Saitama, from One-Punch Man, is a bald “hero for fun” who has become extremely bored with his ability to kill anything with a single punch.

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Now, the reason why this argument is so popular is because that there is no real limit to each character’s power. In their respective shows, both of these heroes have demonstrated how amazing their fighting capabilities are. Let’s get started:


Goku is a kind-hearted yet dim-witted warrior of great strength. His considerable power has shown no sign of stopping ever since he was a boy. Not even his arch-rival, the Saiyan prince Vegeta, or the treacherous tyrant known as Frieza could stand up against him.

He can turn into a Super Saiyan, a phase that turns his hair golden and surrounds him in a great energy wave, when the going gets tough. If that doesn’t do the trick Super Saiyan 2 will, and if that’s not effective enough, Super Saiyan 3 can kick some ass. When there are gods involved even Super Saiyan 3 can not get the job done .

This is where the ascended level beyond the regular limit comes into play, known as Super Saiyan God, which as of now, has only two phases: the only difference being that the first level turns one’s hair red and the second and most powerful turns one’s hair blue. If there are even more stages beyond Super Saiyan God 2 has yet to be revealed.


Saitama is a blank-faced hero for fun. No matter how deadly, strong or big his enemy is, a single hit is all it takes for them to fall.  He does 100 hundred sit-ups, pushups, squats and 10km everyday to achieve this power.  Because of this ability, Saitama has grown bored with his strength and searches for foes strong enough to stand against him.

The only time he has ever tried in a fight was when he fought an alien warlord named Boros, where he deployed a technique called “Serious Series: Serious Strike”. This cut the supposed unstoppable warlord in half. Even then, this killer move was proven to not even be a fraction of the full extent to the bald superhero’s powers.

The Verdict

Now comes the fun part: which of these over-powered ass-kickers would win in a battle against each other? In all honesty, its really difficult to decide between the two. Goku could ascend beyond even a god, but during the time he needs to power up, Saitama could use one of his serious moves, but perhaps such a thing would merely evaporate in the energy waves emitting from a god-surpassing entity, and when one strike isn’t enough, perhaps a consecutive barrage of these blows would deter Goku? The best part about this is that no actual conflict has been set forth, leaving the outcome of this battle up for interpretation.

Or, living up to their heroic characteristics, they would meet out in the open and exchange handshakes, as they are both warriors of justice and defenders of all that is good. The only form of conflict would probably be a food-eating contest. Who knows…?

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