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‘American Horror Story’ Season 6 Leaks and Teasers

American Horror Story‘s tight lid has been blown. Spoilers for the anthology show’s sixth season have been few and far between. Typically, clues for the upcoming season are seeded in the last few episodes of the previous season; no such clues have been identified as correctly spotted, leaving fans straining for every tidbit.

Following last week’s release of a number of video teasers from the show’s creators at FX Networks, TMZ has acquired a number of on-set pics for the as-yet unnamed Season 6. Due to their exclusivity, we can only link them here.

The photos (allegedly taken on the Santa Clarita, CA set) appear to depict the lost colony of Roanoke, based on the carving of the word Croatoan into a tree and “pilgrim” era costumes. Viewers with sharp memories will recall a reference to this event in the first season episode “Birth“, when medium Billie Dean Howard (played by Sarah Paulson) explains the event as an exorcism to Vivien (played by Connie Britton) and Violet Harmon (played by Taissa Farmiga).

This weekend’s teasers are here for your convenience. If tradition for these trailers holds, we may have as many as a dozen roll out before the season premiere on September 14, 2016. Draw your own conclusions!

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