First ‘Alien: Covenant’ Poster Gives You A Command

Drew Dietsch

Alien: Covenant is one of the most anticipated movies of 2017. The next entry in the Alien saga is being directed by Ridley Scott. Scott brought us the original Alien back in 1979 and returned to the franchise with Prometheus in 2012. Though that film was highly divisive, this new sequel looks to be heading into more familiar territory. That’s been confirmed with this first teaser poster we’ve gotten which certainly evokes that classic Alien feel.

Check it out!

alien covenant teaser poster


You don’t get much more classic than that! It’s interesting to note that the release date looks to have been pushed up from August to mid-May. That says a lot in terms of the studio’s confidence in the film. Putting this smack-dab in the middle of summer means that 20th Century Fox is feeling pretty good about Alien: Covenant‘s perceived quality.

Seeing as how we now have a teaser poster, it’s very likely that we’ll be seeing a trailer in the coming days. Could it possibly break over the Thanksgiving holiday? That’s looking more and more likely.

Alien: CovenantPrometheus

Alien: Covenant has a lot of ground to cover in order to help build a bridge to the original film. Many fans thought that Prometheus was going to do most of the heavy lifting. Turns out that we were wrong. “We were so wrong!” Prometheus was a solid and majestic sci-fi/horror film but didn’t really satisfy as a new entry in this storied series.

Still, there are plenty of reasons to be excited for this. Ridley Scott continues to bring an air of class to the sci-fi/horror genre. This newest feature will surely continue that trend. Scott is also a master of production design. Expect Alien: Covenant to look fantastic. If this teaser poster is any indication, the design of the titular creature is definitely going to be up to snuff. There are a few slight variations in its design but it’s impossible to deny that this is the classic monster we know and love.

Alien: Covenant just became one of the biggest reasons to look forward to May of next year. Put yourself into cryosleep for the next six months. This one looks like it will be worth the wait.

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