‘Alien: Covenant’: Here’s What You Need to Know

Drew Dietsch

Alien: Covenant is the newest film in the long-running Alien franchise. Don’t have time to watch all seven films in the series and get caught up? Here’s everything you need to know…

The Mission

The spaceship USCSS Covenant is en route to a planet called Origae-6 in order to start a new human colony. When a disruption causes the crew to wake up early, they also come across a signal from a nearby planet. Turns out that this planet is actually a better candidate for colonization, so they divert from their original course in order to investigate.

When they arrive, they survey the planet but a mysterious microbe infects certain members of the crew, and they are impregnated by creatures that eventually burst out from their host’s bodies, killing the hosts in the process. While the crew is fending off one of these monsters, they are rescued by the planet’s sole inhabitant, David.

What Happened Before?

David is an android who was part of a previous mission on the ship Prometheus. The Prometheus was tasked with finding the extraterrestrial race that created life on Earth, called Engineers. After discovering that mysterious microbe in an Engineer facility, the crew of the Prometheus was eventually killed off by the infection, leaving only David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw alive. They set out to find the Engineer homeworld, which happens to be the planet that the Covenant has landed on.

What has David been doing since he landed on the Engineer homeworld? And what happened to Dr. Shaw? Can’t spoil you on that, but that microbe has been hard at work mutating and evolving. Eventually, it will lead to a perfect organism. One whose structural perfection is matched only by its hostility. A creature that can only be described as… alien.

Alien: Covenant bursts into theaters on May 19.

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