‘Adventure Time’ to End After 9 Seasons

Adventure Time will wrap production upon the completion of its ninth season. While animators are finishing their work now, that means viewers will have two more seasons to watch. The show is a ratings powerhouse for Cartoon Network and has achieved international cult success. Creator Pendleton Ward thanked fans for their support but noted that it was time to end. This can only mean that it’s time for random fan speculation.


Will we learn more about the Great Mushroom War? How can the Land of Ooo survive if it’s really Earth with a giant chunk missing out of it? Sure, Marceline got her fries back, but will Princess Bubblegum ever confess her true feelings for the Vampire Queen?!? Inquiring minds want to know, Lumpy Space Pen. For now, fans should try to relax and look away from the final two years they have with original Finn and Jake adventures. That new Lego Dimensions set just hit stores. Lego Adventure Time is cool, right?

Dealing With Loss

How does a fan deal with impending loss, while Lego licensing attempts to sway the weary mind? The answer is Lego Dimensions can’t replace my beloved animated series, but it can help ease the pain a little.

Fans need answers, and they don’t need it in the way the Lost final season did it. People shouldn’t be expected to wait a year just to finally start getting answers in the last six episodes.

LEGO Dimensions Adventure Time

Let’s get some more Marcy and Simon flashback episodes. Give us a prequel series of non-crazy Simon. There’s a prequel world of opportunities for the Ice King. Quiet, Gunter!

The aging adult animation fandom is coming up on some dark times. Regular Show is ending. Gumball is ending. It’s times like these that make me glad that we have memberberries to enjoy.

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