‘Absolutely Fabulous’: The Most FABULOUS Recent Moments

Sweetie darlings! You may have noticed in our last post on the topic that we’re a wee bit excited about AbFab: The Movie coming out here soon in the US, given our love of the classic BBC TV series, Absolutely Fabulous. Even though the AbFab movie won’t be released stateside until July 22, we’ve already opened up the Bolly to celebrate, and now we’re taking a walk down memory lane and reliving the best (read: the most fabulous) AbFab moments in recent memory. Are you new to AbFab? Or a long-time fan? Either way, enjoy these hilarious (and sometimes naughty) moments from the last season of Absolutely Fabulous!

Bubble Reenacts the Royal Wedding

Bubble hilariously relives the best moments of Kate and William’s royal wedding for Saffy, who has just been released from prison in “Identity”:

Bubble relives the excitement of Kate and William's wedding!

Eddy and Pats Need £50,000

Patsy’s old drug dealer Baron comes back to collect on some old debts in “Identity”…problem is, Patsy doesn’t have any money:

Eddy and Pats had better pay up...or else!

Patsy Schools the Intern

Patsy isn’t pleased with the intern in Season 6’s “Job”…and she lets her know it:

Don't 'but' me you little snot rag! Just go!

Edina Sings With La Roux

In a brief fantasy sequence from “Job”…Eddy sings a little number with La Roux at Royal Albert Hall while trying to book the venue for Jeanne Durand:

...they say how do you look so great for your age?!?

The Olympics Come to London…and So Does Michael Douglas

In the last episode of Season 6, “Olympics,” Edina details her irritation with the Olympics in London, before preparing for her houseguest, Michael Douglas:

It's been everywhere for five bloody years, hasn't it!?!

Absolutely Fabulous has already opened in the UK to positive reviews and premieres here in the US on July 22.

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